Kids Be Gone!

I was just reading about this pretty cool damned device at CNN. Basically it projects a noise similar to the ringtones that can be downloaded that only teens can hear but this noise is extremely grating on the nerves. Kids and animals can hear it but for whatever reason it is really only painful to those around 12 or older up until the early twenties. I find it kind of interesting that the mainstream media is just now picking up on this, at least CNN and the AP. Gizmodo and Ubergizmo had a post up on this gadget almost three months ago.

kidsbegone.jpgI’ve already been through one teenager. If I install this fucker in my basement the kids will run away when they are 12 and won’t come back until they are adults. Sweet!

In all seriousness, I can see where this would be good to have. Private property, bars and other adult establishments, anywhere that kids loiter and get into trouble, etc.

There has been a public outcry in some places with people saying it violates their civil liberties. Expect the ACLU to get involved with their socialist nonsense before too long. Right now they say they don’t have a position on the issue. Really as long as you are using it to keep people off of private property it does nothing to violate their rights anyway, it just protects the rights of the property owners.

There are apparently some schools that have installed them as well in order to keep the crowds from gathering after football games and such.

You can get to the product page here.

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  • I have been telling this story every place I can. I am hoping the authorities in Aruba, as well as potential jurors there, will listen to what I have to say. This notion that circumstantial evidence is the right thing to do – I can tell you first hand that it isn’t the right thing to do. If Beth and her frontier justice cowboys hadn’t come to town and “convicted” Joran the first night they were there, this case would probably have been solved long ago. The reason it isn’t solved is because Joran is a sweet guy, and his family are very nice, respectable people, caught up in the Aruba tragedy – not of their own making. I was kidnapped when I was 16 years old – not by the last people I was known to be with (my friends and I went to a late movie.) After we got back to my friend’s house, I was leaving when an older brother of one of my friends offered me a ride home. Nobody knew this but him and me. On the way home, he drove out over the bridge, into the country, instead of to my house. I had to jump out of a moving car to get away from him. He said he would kill me if I touched that door handle again, but I did anyway, and got out. I hid in ditches and a corn field when he circled back looking for me, time and again. I managed to make my way to a farmouse, and I got home safely, by way of the farmer who got out his shot gun.
    I have had many near episodes when I lived in California. In Sacramento, two police officers pulled me over late at night. They thought I “was someone else,” and let me go, but then they followed me to the light and motioned for me to turn left against the red light, and when I did, they put on their siren and lights and stopped me again. They said they had to take me to jail for running the red light – and I replied, “And, no, you are not,” and drove off.
    Another time, I was coming home late and a car started following me. Every time I would come to a red light, the guy would jump out of his car and run up towards my car door – I ran the red light several times to get away from him. Finally, I got the attention of a driver in another car beside my car – he said to get my car in front of his, and he wouldn’t let the guy follow me any more – and that worked.
    I want to caution people not to draw conclusions because Joran and Natalee had a very brief romantic tryst. He wanted to get home because he had final exams the next day and it was 2 a.m. She wanted to stay on the beach because she actually didn’t want to go back to Alabama – she said so, and she kept asking guys if they lived in big houses. If Beth had not placed the focus on Joran, the case could have been solved, but the way it was, people were afraid to come forward and tell what they saw, for fear they might be another one to get arrested. The failure of the investigation is totally at the hands of Beth. Natalee called her “Hitler’s Sister,” not only to Joran but to her classmate. Natalee may have become embarrassed when she woke up from a hangover to discover her mother was on the island and bringing worldwide attention to her escapades. Also, Natalee said rude things to the Kalpoe brothers when they were in the car. Perhaps they were not happy with her and got rough with her after Joran was taken home. Who knows? If you weren’t there, you don’t know, either. gw.

  • Grace, do you have any proof or data to back up your claims that the boy is innocent? He very well may be but for an innocent man he’s certainly acted guilty from the get-go.
    It may not be the “right” thing to do but it IS Aruban (and Dutch) law.
    Where do you know Joran and his family from?
    Sounds like you had a pretty rough time, I’m glad you made it out OK.
    What rude things did Natalee have to say to them in the car?
    Teenagers always say bad things about their parents, calling her mother Little Hitler is nothing new to a parent, particularly if you have any discipline at all in your house. That’s the nature of having kids.