Kids Be Gone!

I was just reading about this pretty cool damned device at CNN. Basically it projects a noise similar to the ringtones that can be downloaded that only teens can hear but this noise is extremely grating on the nerves. Kids and animals can hear it but for whatever reason it is really only painful to those around 12 or older up until the early twenties. I find it kind of interesting that the mainstream media is just now picking up on this, at least CNN and the AP. Gizmodo and Ubergizmo had a post up on this gadget almost three months ago.

kidsbegone.jpgI’ve already been through one teenager. If I install this fucker in my basement the kids will run away when they are 12 and won’t come back until they are adults. Sweet!

In all seriousness, I can see where this would be good to have. Private property, bars and other adult establishments, anywhere that kids loiter and get into trouble, etc.

There has been a public outcry in some places with people saying it violates their civil liberties. Expect the ACLU to get involved with their socialist nonsense before too long. Right now they say they don’t have a position on the issue. Really as long as you are using it to keep people off of private property it does nothing to violate their rights anyway, it just protects the rights of the property owners.

There are apparently some schools that have installed them as well in order to keep the crowds from gathering after football games and such.

You can get to the product page here.