‘m in somewhat of a hurry this morning. The last few days I have been sleeping as late as possible, no matter what time it is that I went to bed. I guess it’s a combination of almost being time for my vacation, drinking a little bit Saturday evening and working out in the hot sun a couple of days this week. I know the day after I painted my parking lots all I wanted to do was sleep. That was a week ago and I am just now peeling. I’ve got that nasty leper look going on with my forehead and my shoulders. Yummy. Come on in and I’ll fix you some breakfast…

Yesterday was a working/non-working day. We had our annual ‘care & share’. What a misnomer. They are actually pretty cool. Last year’s was at the lake where my AVP lives. We cooked out and rode watercraft all day. This year was actually pretty fun. We had a scavenger hunt. You either had to bring stuff back or take pictures of the team doing stuff. There were three teams.

Among some of the items we had to bring back were a hurdle, real police badge, fire hose nozzle and the key to the city. We actually managed all of those items believe it or not. I’ll try to post more on that this afternoon when I have a bit more time.