Senator Ted Kennedy is in the Hospital

I stepped out to pick up some ice for the barbecue today and was at the store when I got a Tweet that Teddy Kennedy is in the hospital with the symptoms of a stroke. Aren’t they the same symptoms as an alcoholic? Maybe I’m wrong. Hell, there weren’t any details when I first received the alert so I simply assumed the asshat had driven off of a bridge somewhere.
Anyhow, he was admitted to the Cape Cod emergency room around nine this morning. If I have time this afternoon I’ll post more.

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  1. I am sitting here listening to FOX News and all the reporters and others are blubbering and singing the praises of Kennedy as if he were already dead, well, even if he does die, I am going to make this very clear, I have always considered Teddy Kennedy as an enemy, an abortion supporting, gun grabbing liberal and not worth more than a few lines of criticism from time to time…
    This current health crisis has done nothing to change my opinions either but it’s going to be interesting to see just which so-called Conservative politicians come out singing his praises, should be interesting…

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