That Nasty Old Nap Monster…

Sorry about no Thursday posts. I completely missed the thirteen and the thongs 🙁 I wonder how pissed they would be if I combined Thursday Thirteen and Thursday Thongs? You know, Thirteen Thursday Thongs…

Sounds good to me anyway.

I mentioned the other day that I was going back through my music library and culling out the duplicate tracks and the ones that are corrupt. I ended up with something like 8100 songs. Of course some of them are still duplicated. It’s amazing how many times a song can show up on ‘greatest hits’ albums for bands like Aerosmith among others. I ended up deleting about 20 gigs worth though, I had somewhere around 30k songs at one point. That means that 22 thousand songs were duplicates, corrupt, cut short, or just crap I wanted to get rid of. Most of the CDs are in my basement, if I ever want them back I can dig them up and listen to them that way I suppose. I am still tempted to go back through and delete even more, although some of the stuff that the wife enjoys I might not, and vice versa.

Except for messing with the music I spent the entire day yesterday sleeping. The last three weeks have kicked my ass. Having two days off hasn’t fixed the problem but it certainly went a long way toward helping it out. I napped for a couple of hours this afternoon as well (exciting life ain’t it?) but I tried not to overdo things today.

I’ll be back online a bit later. I have to go pick the girls up from school. I had blood drawn earlier and once again they had to stick me several times so I need to vent about that later.

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