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Just in case I don’t get to post one later this weekend, this is my open track-back post for the weekend of May 9th-11th which also happens to be Mother’s Day weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

If you don’t know what a linkfest is go over and check out the link above. Basically the way it works is that if there is a post you want folks to see, maybe something you are proud of, important news, or just pictures you want to share, you send a trackback or linkback to this post. All of the sites that have linked to it are listed below along with the title of the entry they want you to come see. It’s a great way to share your work with other people and can help build traffic to your site.
Here’s the deal though, if you aren’t really a blog or are just spamming me with trackbacks I will remove it.
There are plenty of folks that participate in Linkfests and there are even a couple of different blogrolls to join. You can find them linked on my blogrolls page.

21 throughts on "Weekend Open Track-Back"

  1. Just removed my nofollow tag after learning it from a couple of blogs. I think it’s a very good idea as it gives benefit for both visitors and the blog owners.

  2. I Support Cindy McCain

    Her stance here is a principled one, especially since releasing the returns would disclose a great deal of financial information about not only her finances, but those of her adult and minor children. Cindy McCain says she will never make…

  3. My Question For Obama

    Beth over at MVRWC points readers at the GOP’s new “Can We Ask” website, where interested citizens can post questions that they would like Barack Obama to answer. I dropped by a short time ago and posed this one for…

  4. New Obama Church Shocker

    More questions have been raised about the judgment of Barack Obama and his decision to remain associated with Trinity UCC. After all, how can we trust the judgment of any man who would stay a part of an organization propagating…

  5. The problem with that is Google has been penalizing some sites. I still have the no-follow tag removed for some stuff but I keep it on quite a bit now.

  6. Weekend Open Trackback Alliance 5.9–5.11.2008

    Oh my, it’s been a rough week. My computer just froze up on me for quite a while, I’ve had to fix my template (not done yet), and life. This is going to be short. Please help me out by sending your trackback posts so my readers will have something to…

  7. Code Pink Bewitches the Marine Corps Recruiting Station

    Since Code Pink and Berkeley’s City Council have already become a laughingstock, why not become even more of one? The witches of Code Pink have taken to wearing pointed witch hats and casting spells at the USMC Recruiting Station in Berkeley. The…

  8. PATIENT EVIL – An R.J. Godlewski / Right Truth Blog Exclusive – Prologue and Chapter 1

    PATIENT EVIL (Prologue and Chapter One) An R.J. Godlewski / Right Truth Blog Exclusive This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance


    There are less than eight months until the election, an election that will decide the next President of the United States. The person elected will be the president of all Americans, not just the Democrats or the Republicans. To show our solidarit…

  10. Iron, Jets, and Plasma

    It’s simple alchemy: Take space-age and beyond technology, mix with a man who was building advanced robots when he was sixteen, heat until a plot to take over the world can be scooped out, sprinkle in a healthy dose of…


    An interesting article regarding Adsense’s new requirement to display a privacy policy on your website and it even provides a plugin to help out. There’s even help for non WordPress users! If you use Adsense it might be wise to check it o…

  12. The Uniting Principle of Democrats

    Podcast Show Notes
    Obama’s numbers among White voters comparable to Kerry’s .
    More witnesses come forward in support of Arianna Huffington’s claim that McCain told her he didn’t vote for Bush. Kind of awkward for a guy trying t…

  13. How Obama’s Supporters Will Sabotage Obama

    Calling it a “missed opportunity,” the article questions the wisdom of the March decision by the executive committee of TCU’s board of trustees to ask Brite Divinity School to move the Rev. Jeremiah Wright awards dinner off campus.

  14. Michelle Obama has spoken; No VP Hillary

    There has been a buzz about an Obama/Clinton ticket since the early days of the primaries when media types fawned over both candidates and lamented how they wish that a vote could be cast for each. Will you run on one ticket, a dream ticket?
    Early o…


    You ever made your daily “blogorounds” and come to realize that your humble, opinionated, “abodahblog” started showing up in unusual places? Not unusual as in, ‘why G-D, is my blog showing up in the transsexual, poker pl…

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