Wordless Wednesday (It’s Still Wednesday Somewhere!)

Ruth's letter to Chris

(not quite so wordless)

RePete wrote a letter to her brother the marine and addressed the envelope herself. Repete is five, oh by the way.

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  • I think the fact that these news stations are attacking the father for his previous record for minor infractions is disgusting. I watch these shows to follow these cases but in this case they should not be going after the familly. They should have gone after the family in the Caylee Anthony case like the crazy grandmother but they protected her every night for months.
    I just don’t get why they don’t just support this mom and dad who are going through hell waiting to find their daughter.
    I wish them well. We are all praying that they find her alive and well.

  • What is it with florida and missing kids .. I hope they find this lttle girl alive and well. I know I could never live in a state with so many missing kids coming up back to back. I send my prayers to the family and people are right . Don’t blame the parents blame the sick perverts out there that prey on innocent kids. As far as casey anthony no words can express my hurt and anger to see a mom do something like that ….