Some Things Are Just Wrong…

So. Have you ever done you just knew was wrong, even as you were doing it. That ugly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is just awful. Not like stealing or anything. I don’t mean wrong in that way.

I am pretty sure that my third shift grill operator had a few budweisers too many prior to coming to work tonight and I just ignored it and went on about my business. This is my fifteenth day straight and today, like several lately have been 15+ hours. Not that it’s any excuse but I am just tired and really didn’t give a shit.

Hopefully in the process of cooking tonight he won’t chop his hand off or burn the place down.

All of my manager are finished with their vacations now. The last one comes back tomorrow and I have to cover the next two days off so that one of them can be off. Thursday and Friday I will actually get a couple of days off in a row. That will be the first ones since the weekend I went to the Ren Fest. It’ll be three weeks by then. No wonder I am so brain dead.

Luckily I won’t be doing much in the way of cooking the next couple of days. I have to stripe a couple of parking lots and put down cool seal on a couple of roofs so at least it will be something a bit different.

That’s about it tonight. I am pretty well beat and just don’t have anything else in this weary brain to write about.