Silly Sunday

So I came across this site called flooble that lets you generate random blog posts and decided to check it out and give it a try. Hey, it beats writer’s block, that’s for damn sure. The results are below…

Today I was listening to a radio program about ingratitude on the African subcontinent. I was very interested by the topic, so I began explaining my friend Archibald about it, and he interrupted:

Get out!.. No kidding?! Don’t tell me you’re into the African subcontinent too!

But then when I got to the part about the ingratitude, Archibald subsided and began sobbing. But then just now, Archibald’s father told me that the reason Archibald was so freaked out was because he had to study ingratitude in class. Occasionally Archibald can be quite strange like that, but I need to make this work…

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