June 1st: Hollywood Studios

More Disney photos. Just what you wanted on a Monday afternoon…


Sunday we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. First we had to have breakfast. I had made reservations for the Ohana Friends breakfast there at the Polynesian Resort. It’s ‘family style’ which is sort of like a buffet all you can eat, except that they bring it to the table for you. It’s also a character breakfast. While we ate, several of them stopped by so the girls could get their autographs and pictures taken with them.

Lilo and the girls

Mickey and the Girls

Mickey and the Family

Stitch and the Girls

During our first visit as a family to Disney back in 2005 we seemed to run into Stitch several times. He was inside a remote control trash can that Pete got into an argument with. It was one of those ‘had to be there’ moments but it was pretty damned funny.

So do you think they were happy to be there?

Happy Girls

Clearly I had not had enough coffee. Damn, and I need some of that hair die for men as well. I didn’t realize just how gray I was getting. That’s fucked up for someone as young as I am to be going gray already.

Need more coffee...

I was going to post more about the day but that’s enough photos. I will post about Hollywood Studios tomorrow.

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