Wordless Wednesday – Bats!


Bats at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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  • If Richard would pull his head out of his ass he would get the full story. This situation is a little more indepth than what it seems. What was failed to be brought to light is this ‘little girl’ has been having sex with numerous men. This ‘little girl’s step mother had also tried to hire a computer tech to clear their computers of all the wrong doing this girl has been doing. She was on every sex site you can think of and having numerous men show up at her mom’s trailer to have sex. Again…get the whole story before condemning a man. The little girl (hehe) has put others in jail and if they would have digged just a little, they would have found out that she might have even been running a little blackmail schemes with others. This is one disturbed ‘little girl’ and I use that term very loosely (sniker).

  • Sounds like the girl has some serious issues, but what exactly does that have to do with a middle aged man sleeping with a teenager? As adults we are supposed to teach kids how to behave as well as protect them, sometimes from themselves. Do you have teen children? If so you would understand that they can make obviously bad choices. You just have to hope that there is nobody like Plowman around to prey on them at the time.
    I do appreciate the info about the girl but as he went ahead and copped a plea he and his attorney obviously felt that he got a good deal and would have been convicted in a jury trial. I don’t have to condemn him as he has already done that to himself.

  • Sounds like this guy John may have been another middle aged boyfriend of the young girl, who in just three short years earlier was only 11 years old. Also sounds as if they are just that socially disfunctional that they can’t find a better suited companion of their own generation. How pathetic can you get!? “She was asking for the keys to the car, so I gave them to the 4 year old!” Just goes to show, the ‘adults’ in this case sounds about as intelligent as the 14 year old.

    • Hi Richard.

      I’m glad you posted this information about Bill Plowman. I’ve been searching high and low for this man so he can answer to charges that I have filed against him. When I was 10 years old, he molested me and then disappeared. I was an innocent child and I NEVER gave him consent to put his hands on me. I was and still am repulsed and disgusted by him. I’ve spent countless hours in therapy trying to get the thoughts of him touching me out of my head.

      This seems to be a pattern with him and he simply preyed on a vulnerable 14 year old with serious problems, mostly stemming from her parents lack of sensibility. I wonder how many other victims have yet to even come forward.

      I am sickened by how many people are defending him. Bill Plowman is a very, sick and twisted individual. Simply put, a pedophile. He belongs in prison and when he gets released after serving his time for that crime, he will be immediately extradited to face the charges against me. We are anxiously waiting for him to serve his time for all the anguish he has put on me and family.