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So I am still in non-blogging mode. Although I profess to working on templates for the site I haven’t even done much of that the last 48 hours either although I am certainly plan to this evening. Good intentions rarely got anything done.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had sent in my initial application for advancement at work. They sent me back a questionnaire to fill out, which is the next step in the process. I have as yet to fill it out but I have pulled it back out of my desk drawer to fill out. It includes a work history recap (just positions held within my company) and explanations of any breaks in service, some questions such as “what are the most important things you look for when hiring managers/associates”, “which management skills do you need to develop and how can we help”, lists of goals, whether I can relocate, etc. a 38 question self-assessment and another page to list my performance recap for the last six months. Nothing particularly difficult but it will take me a couple of days to get everything together that I need to fill it out. I am certainly not adverse to relocating but depending on where the division is I would be taking it might be a bit tight. With the wife signing a contract each year to finish the school year we might be stuck in two different places for several months. Another roadblock is the fact that we sort of own our house and selling right now would be a bitch.

Over the next few months a new division is going to be created just west of me, between here and Birmingham and I also hear the the current division manager that has some of those stores might also be leaving, which would mean an opening much sooner than I thought. That’s one of the reasons I dug the paperwork back out again. It would mean having anywhere from six to ten stores and probably another $20k per year, putting me in the six digits. Can’t complain about that. It would also put me that much closer to being an officer of the company (bwahaha). Not too shabby for someone that started out washing fucking dishes 21 years ago.

That’s what’s been on what passes for my mind lately, other than the usual bullshit. I know I have pretty much quit bitching about my managers and some of the more colorful employees but I just felt that it was in my best interests to do so.

I think I will work on the site for awhile…

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