I love the early morning. It’s a shame that I can’t do this more often. I went outside for a smoke just a little while ago and just sat listening to the birds. Near and far they were all chatting with each other. In the pre-dawn hour it was almost overbearing there were so many birds chatting with each other, but pleasant at the same time. As a matter of fact I think before I get ready for work I am going to sit back outside again for a few…

Speaking of birds, we have a Hummingbird Feeder mounted on our kitchen window just off the deck. As I sat there yesterday afternoon a little hummingbird flew up to feed. It only stayed a few seconds as I moved a bit trying to see if I had my camera with me. Of course not.

The Hummingbird returned a few times yesterday evening. By the time I located my tripod so I could go ahead and focus the camera and sit still it was too late and didn’t come back. I think I will save it for today or tomorrow afternoon and get an earlier shot. Part of the fact that it didn’t come back was the fact that the girls kept running out on the back porch like a pack of wild dogs every few minutes.

Even after having to get up so early yesterday I stayed up pretty late. Of course I should have been to bed early but we decided to sit down and watch National Treasure: The Book of Secrets. It was pretty decent actually. The wife turned off disbelief mode for a couple of hours and got to enjoy it with me. The thing about being married to a science teacher is that it makes it difficult to use your imagination and just enjoy shit that you know CAN’T possibly be true or couldn’t happen. Hell, who gives a shit. It’s a movie…

I probably should have already gone to work but I am going in a few minutes late today. Actually more like an hour and a half. The two manager trainees are just going to have to deal with it for a while. One of them was at my Tallapoosa store yesterday, which is about seventeen miles from my house. She didn’t pull them enough food so the store was calling me at 11PM last night out of stuff. I ended up getting it to them but was not particularly happy about it…

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