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When I went beer shopping for the cookout last week my eyes happened to fall on one of those little bottles that sit upon the counter at checkout. Absinthe. or Abseenthe I think is the brand name.

I had to work second shift today in order to cut out some payroll and as I am sitting here wide awake but need to be up at four AM I decided I would medicate myself and try the absinthe. I am here to tell you that it is some evil nasty foul shit that smells as if it leaked from my bunghole after a week of binge drinking. Damn!

Licorice. I hate fucking licorice. It tasted just as bad as it smells, even after following directions and dissolving cold water over a sugar cube. Of course I had to substitute a spoonful of sugar for the cube and absinthe spoon but I don’t think that having the right accoutrements would have helped much. I did manage to sip a bit but then poured the rest into my lawn when I went out for a smoke. 110 proof. not quite rubbing alcohol but it certainly tasted like it.

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