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I’ve got a case of knife envy now… 🙂

AG_GER15_L_1.jpgI was over at Brigade QM and came across this Gerber Automatic knife. It runs about $150 or so and is pretty sweet. I used to collect weapons when I was younger. Nothing serious mind you, I just enjoy them. Knives, swords, guns, whatever. When my son turned about a year old and was starting to get into things I packed away all of my small knives and sold my guns. I just really didn’t want to arrive home one day and walk into an accident. Boys will be boys and you can train them once they are older but as toddlers they tend to get into stuff.

Anyhow, Brigade QM has some pretty cool gear. Besides knives they also carry all sorts of tactical gear and outdoors supplies. They used to be Actiongear.Com but have recently changed to the new domain but it’s the same cool stuff.

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  1. my mum tells me how I used to love breaking all the things..

    be it whatever kind of toy 😛

    thankfully I didn’t had these when I was a kid else I am sure someone would have tasted it lol

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