I had every intention og going to work out this afternoon before I came home. I even packed a bag so I could just change at the gym. Instead, I ended up working a bit later than I had planned and I just came on home. I feel like shit today. My throat is swollen, it hurts and I am tired as hell. I even took a nap yesterday afternoon so I know I got at least six hours of sleep between napping and last night. Part of it is the heat but I don’t know about the rest. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to go work out, because I always feel better afterward.

Today is my ninth day straight at work. I will damn sure be glad when this coming weekend rolls around. I’m off and it will be awhile before I have any of my managers on vacation. As a matter of fact I think the next one is mine which is in October. I have at least two more to cover before the year is out but the long ones are done with.

I have some more stuff to post but I think I will surf the Internet and drink coffee. Perhaps I can wake myself up enough to be motivated…