When I am writing a bunch that’s the sound my wife makes. I don’t exactly type. It’s more like I bang the keyboard to death. I can take one of those extremely quiet keyboards and make it sound like an instrument of torture. I type so-so. I used to do the two fingered typing although now that I have been paying attention I see that I am using four or five fingers. I am somewhere around 50wpm I guess and I only have to look at the keys about half the time.

So what the fuck got me to thinking about how I type. I’ve been writing pretty much non-stop since I got home. Not here obviously although I have been needing to get back into postme. No, it’s mainly on my other sites where I am still posting for $$$. I discovered that since we’ve been home from vacation that I could use the extra bucks. I enjoyed that extra twelve grand I made last year and I fully intend on making some more between now and Christmas. I’ve written probably 15 posts since I got home this afternoon and I fully intend on writing about 15 more before I go to bed. Maybe even one or tow that actually make some sense over here 🙂

I am also available on a contract basis to the CIA if they want. You know, stick me in a room with some fucking towel heads, blindfold them and let me blog for ten or twelve hours at a time. They’ll get so fucking sick of it they will tell you anything you want to know…

Want to know something else that’s funny as hell? You know fromt he little ‘reblog’ link that’s in the corner of my posts that I have been using that Zemanta stuff for a few weeks now to suggest keywords, tags and photographs for my blog posts. It comes in a plugin form for my browser as well as one for MT. I use the one for my browser because it works in ALL my blog formats. Anyhow, since I mentioned the word ‘torture’ the first keywords to surface were ‘John McCain’ and ‘George Bush’. Bwahaha. Only if money-grubbing stealing bastards is torture, but then again that applies to Obama and the rest of Bozo’s clubhouse as well.

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