Panama City Beach, Florida

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I left work around a quarter till two this afternoon to head for the grocery store and pick up a few vittles for this fine Fourth of July. A nice thick tenderloin, red onion to grill up in garlic butter and a six pack of Corona. I love Sam Adams but it’s just too fucking hot for it right now. The wife and girls are out of town again. They left the house around four this morning and headed to Panama City Beach with a couple of friends and their children. All total four adults, seven kids. Fuck that noise. I will miss the hell out of my family but I won’t miss the other ones. I would be pulling my hair out after a couple of hours.

So here I sit listening to net radio, some ’80s hair band station, and relaxing. Hopefully I won’t have to go back in to work tonight. As long as all goes well. There is something like a 30% chance of rain tonight so hopefully it won’t storm too bad, although I would love to have the rain. It might even rain out the fireworks. That would suck but it would lessen the chances of me having to go back in to work.

My hot neighbor came over a little while ago to borrow an adjustable wrench. It seems that they are moving and needed to unhook the washer and dryer. Damn, that sucks. She had broken up with her boyfriend, who seemed like a slacker, and had the house on the market but then decided to not sell and make a try of it. Apparently she is leasing it out to some dude. She said he ‘talks alot’ but seems alright otherwise. I know I saw some creepy old dude nosing around yesterday afternoon. I guess that would be him.

Just what I need. Some creepy old fucker living next door. Hell, he’s probably a perfectly nice guy. Might even be a blogger (are they nice?) that will get offended. Just let the fucker mess with my girls and I’ll be feeding him his fucking scrotum. I guess once I find out his name I’ll have to get online and check the dude out. Damn I hate getting new neighbors…Just as long as this guy isn’t some type of pedophile we’ll be just fine.

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