Fucking Assholes Everywhere

So glad I can be one of them.
So my Internet connection is down as I am writing this although by the time you read this it will be back up šŸ™‚
This has been one of the hardest weeks I’ve had in quite some time, hell really the last month. The week prior to my vacation and the blogmeet was extremely long. Most of the days were 12+ hours. Since I got back to work I have had one day off in the last fourteen and that was eleven days ago. Each of them has been 10-14 hours and I don’t think a single day has gone by that someone hasn’t called in on me. Yesterday I was hung all three shifts and just barely managed to avoid working a triple shift. I’m too old for that shit. Today was the last day on one of my manager’s vacation, one of the other store managers is off and the third one fucking called in. Called in. What a crock of shit.
I spoke with her this afternoon and after reading her the riot act about her fucking employees jacking their jaws on their cell phones all day I let her know that she had to make up the hours that I had to pay out to cover the shift she should have been cooking. She wasn’t too happy about that but she was even less happy about the phone thing because she is just as bad as her employees. I told her they could no longer be on the phone at work and she tried to tell me that it was OK when they were outside smoking, at which point I had to tell her, NO it is not OK, they are to leave them at home and if I see them they will be confiscated. Lately a couple of them have had bluetooth devices and I just want to snatch them off of their fucking ears. Luckily common sense came to me just before I grabbed one yesterday.
Oh well, I’ve had a smoke and a cup of coffee and now the connection is back up. Time to find some crimes to blog about.
later, dudes and dudettes

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