Erection Day! Vote Dax Montana!

So tomorrow is the day. I unfortunately have to work until about 9pm tomorrow night so I went and voted on Friday morning. Had to wait a little while but it was pretty much painless. Compared to how long I stood in line in 2004 it was great. One thing I noticed was that there were a LOT of young people there. more than I had ever seen in an election. A lot more minorities represented as well. Overall I think it’s a great thing but unfortunately this is a pretty shitty election to bring them all out.
Hmmm…a liberal or a communist. Damn. Lesser of two evils anyone? Needless to say I voted for the old dude and the sexy librarian but that’s about it for Republicans. I did vote for Gingrey though as my congressman. He voted against the bail-out bill so unless he just fucks up and starts speaking in tongues or screwing his pages I’ll keep voting for him.
I went pretty much Libertarian down the board otherwise and if there was an incumbent with nobody running against him/her I voted Dax Montana! What the fuck, vote your beliefs and I believe that Dax would be a better choice than most of the thieving lying sonsabitches out there.

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