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    This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kathi

    2nd Lt. Christopher E. Loudon

    2nd Lt. Christopher E. Loudon
    22 years old from Brockport, Pennsylvania
    1st Battalion, 22nd

     Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
    October 17, 2006 

    U.S. Army 

    2nd Lt. Christopher Loudon graduated from Slippery Rock University with a Baccalaureate Degree in Environmental Health in 2005. Upon graduation, he entered the United States Army on September 9, 2005. He received his commission as an Infantry officer and was assigned to 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Hood, Texas. He deployed to Iraq in July 2006 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

    2nd Lt. Loudon’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart, the National Defense Service Medal, the Iraq Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Combat Infantryman Badge, and the Ranger Tab. 

    He was KIA in Baghdad, Iraq when an IED detonated near his vehicle. Also killed with him were; Corporal David M. Unger, 21, of Leavenworth, Kansas ;Corporal Russell G. Culbertson III, 22, of Amity, Pennsylvania and Specialist Joseph C. Dumas Jr., 25, of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

    He leaves behind his parents, Randy and Susan Loudon ; his wife, Jacey Loudon ; a daughter, Isabel Loudon ; two brothers, First Lieutenant Nicholas Loudon ,and Jonathan Loudon ; his paternal grandmother, Florence Loudon and his maternal grandfather, Everett William Campbell.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero. 

    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived 

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    stanleycarter.jpgUpdated – I’ve added Stanley Carter’s mugshot.

    Here’s a hell of a family Christmas for you. Stacy Ferrance and her family spent it as most people (aside from me) do. Christmas parties and gatherings with friends and family, opening gifts and eating those wonderful holiday meals. They weren’t aware that they were going to have to share it with an unwanted intruder however.
    21-year-old Arkansas man Stanley Carter was visiting friends who live in the other half of the duplex where the Ferrances live. At some point the week prior to Christmas they told him it was time to leave and he did so, but he simply disappeared without saying goodbye or anything. A few days before Christmas Stanley’s friends filed a missing person’s report with police. He certainly wasn’t very far away although it did take a few days before he was found.
    Stacy started hearing noises upstairs but chalked it up to her three kids, at least until stuff started to go missing in the house on Christmas like money and a laptop. The police were called and they came out, not really finding anything. Then more stuff turned up missing. That’s when she decided to check the crawlspace upstairs. As soon as she did Stacy noticed footprints. She called the police again and this time they brought a dog. That’s when Stanley decided to come out and turn himself in.
    Turns out the freak had made a list of all the stuff he had taken called “Stanley’s Christmas List” with all of the stuff he had stolen from them which included money, a laptop, an iPod, blankets and candles, even Stacy’s toothbrush. He had also been sharing the Ferrance’s food over the last week as well. When Carter came downstairs the freak was even wearing their clothes. Sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, minus someone getting brutally murdered. He even cut a hole in the roof so that he could see the family leaving.
    The silver lining? Stacy Ferrance got rid of her vermin in the attic without having to pay for an exterminator and Stanley Carter has a new place to stay where he’ll get two hots and a cot. He’s spending his time in the Luzzerne County Jail facing several felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass. I don’t yet have a mug shot for the asshat but once I do rest assured I’ll put it up. Also, in addition to his antics in Pennsylvania it turns out that Stanley has several warrants out in Arkansas for bad checks and unpaid fines.
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    samueljordan.jpgBack on December 23rd 21-year-old Samuel Jordan took his 9-week-old daughter to the hospital because she was having trouble breathing. The folks at the hospital called the law pretty quickly when they realized that Lyrica T. Kennedy was suffering from head injuries.

    After questioning this piece of crap, police came to the conclusion that Lyrica was in critical condition because of a beating that Samuel inflicted and took him into custody on the evening of the 23rd on charges of second-degree battery.
    This isn’t the first time that Samuel has been in trouble with the law over the way he treats children either. Back in 2005 he was arrested for giving a five-year-old prescription sleeping pills because the child wouldn’t stop crying. His excuse this time was even better. He beat Lyrica because he was aggravated, had a lot of things on his mind and just wanted to get high. I hope you enjoy prison you worthless excuse for a human being, particularly now that Lyrica is dead.

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    Christmas can be a really hard time for some people.  It’s supposed to be a happy time but it can be depressing for people. I know. I love the holidays but owing to what I do for a living I am the most busy at work while everyone else is enjoying family and fellowship. Christmas Day is normally a day where I don’t get to see them at all. I count myself lucky though. I have a job and take car of my family. We make do and work around.
    Eryn Allegra had a hard time with Christmas as well. She had lost her job, lost her house and even lost her husband due to the fact that the shitheel is currently in jail on a probation violation. He was on probation for a drug charge from a little over a year ago and back on Halloween he was arrested for the violation. I’m sure that Eryn was having a hard time providing the kind of Christmas for her eight-year-old son Tristan that she wanted to. She had been depressed for months and wanted to kill herself. That’s pretty bad and shows that Eryn needed some kind of help. The problem lies in the fact that she was a selfish bitch as well. Rather than just killing her miserable self she couldn’t bear the thought of her son living without her and decided to kill him as well.

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    While I don’t get the chance to do so because I have to work so many hours during the holiday season lots of people take time off during the holiday season to relax and spend time with family. Plenty of folks take vacations during this time of the year and travel to be with their loved ones, which is exactly what Bobby and Darlene Sloan from Forest Park, Georgia did this year. They went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit relatives in the area.
    60-year-old Bobby Sloan and his 50-year-old wife Darlene got into some kind of argument around 2am Christmas morning. Perhaps they were arguing over money or maybe Bobby didn’t like the tie he was getting for Christmas. I don’t know. I don’t have many facts about this case yet other than the statement that Sloan made. What I do know is that the argument escalated and that they most likely took it outside where Bobby Sloan decided to pull the ultimate in intimidation tactics. He pulled a gun on Darlene Sloan and shot her once in the head, killing her in the middle of the street.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always believed in having guns but the thing about guns is that you don’t take it out unless you are planning on using it and if you are using it for something other than target practice you had best be planning on killing someone. Guns aren’t used to scare people or intimidate them, although that is what Bobby was doing according to Charleston PD. In a video conference before a judge yesterday Bobby said “It was an accident, plain and simple. No knowledge, no intent, just an intimidation effort on my part and it just went awry”.
    An intimidation effort gone awry?
    Now there’s a novel defense ;)
    One would have to be drinking or just maybe plain old stupid as hell to pull out a gun in an attempt to settle an argument and not be planning on killing a person.
    Merry Christmas, Baby. Here’s one you’ll never forget.
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    Updated – Joaquin Deanda has been arrested for the murder of Julie Quintana. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the entry.
    Julia Quintana (myspace) was last seen by her family around 6pm this past Saturday. When she didn’t come home her mother reported her missing to the Kearny County, Kansas Sheriff as well as the Garden City Police Department. Unfortunately since there wasn’t any kind of evidence that she had been kidnapped or was in imminent danger police wouldn’t issue and Amber Alert. Missing kids don’t necessarily qualify for an Amber Alert unless they meet certain criteria designed by each state. Sounds like bullshit to me but that’s why I don’t get to make the laws I guess.
    Julie’s friends and family handed out fliers on Sunday and Monday in the Garden City area with her picture and contact information on them and the Garden City Police Department followed up on several leads after interviewing her friends and family. Her car, a Pontiac Aztek, was found abandoned near Finnup Park (in Garden City) on Sunday but it wasn’t until Tuesday morning that she was found.

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    The U.S. Marshals announced on Monday the arrest of the most wanted woman in America, Sarah Pender. Pender, the lone female fugitive on the Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted list, was arrested Saturday, December 20, in Chicago by local authorities. An anonymous tip was received less than two hours after Pender was profiled on Fox’s America’s Most Wanted, and police were able to pinpoint her whereabouts. She was found in an apartment in the 2200 block of West Farwell Avenue and was arrested without incident.
    Pender was convicted in 2002 on two counts of murder and was serving a 110-year sentence in the Rockville Correction Facility in Indiana before she escaped in August. In 2000, Pender and her boyfriend purchased a shotgun and returned to their residence where they shot their two roommates. After killing the roommates, Pender and her boyfriend disposed of the bodies in a trash dumpster.
    While serving her sentence, prison authorities believe Pender befriended a correctional officer, who allegedly helped her escape. Prison security footage on the day she escaped shows Pender walking toward a prison exit at the same time the guard drove into the facility to get gasoline. Authorities believe the guard hid her in the vehicle and drove her off the prison grounds where she met up with her get-away driver.
    According to Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal W. Buz Brown of the Southern District of Indiana, the citizen tip leading to Pender’s location indicated the trust between the public and the joint law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.
    Pender is currently awaiting an extradition hearing and may be returned to Indiana as early as today.
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    Yesterday morning, Deputy U.S. Marshals arrested Edward Baughman, 56, in Mesa, AZ. In October 2008 a warrant was issued in Oklahoma City for the arrest of Edward Baughman for Rape. Shortly after being contacted by Oklahoma authorities regarding the incident Edward Baughman fled Oklahoma and his run from the law spanned three states in his attempt to avoid capture.
    It is alleged that Baughman repeatedly raped a 12 year-old girl, impregnating her. After the allegations were made Baughman was contacted by authorities in Oklahoma, after initially cooperating with law enforcement Baughman subsequently fled. In November 2008 the Oklahoma City Metro Fugitive Task Force began hunting for Baughman and recently developed information that indicated that Baughman was residing in the Phoenix area. 
    This morning Baughman’s run from the law ended when Deputy U.S. Marshals captured him in a residence in the 8600 block of E. Main St in Mesa, AZ. Baughman was arrested without incident and is currently awaiting extradition back to Oklahoma.
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    To the Men and Women of the United States military, and all the armed forces around the world, thank you for everything that you do. And to those who are laying their heads down tonight in a foreign land, away from your loved ones, thank you so very much. Stay safe, you’re in our thoughts and our hearts. Merry Christmas.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived
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    I only have time for a couple of quick posts straight from my RSS reader this morning. Have to get to work and start getting things ready for Christmas.
    The Manhunt is on for ARTURO ENRIQUEZ.
    ENRIQUEZ is wanted for Felony Offenses of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT w/ DEADLY WEAPON (KNIFE).
    MONTANA VISTA AREA- Just last Sunday afternoon 12-14-08 at 2:35 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies were flagged down at the Montana Vista Fire Station located at 13978 Montana in El Paso County, TX  in reference to a woman who was suffering from stab wounds. Deputies met with a 27 year-old woman / Victim who told Deputies that minutes earlier she had just been assaulted and stabbed by her husband during a family argument.
    Medics at the scene immediately began to treating the Victims injuries. She was later transported Thomason Hospital.
    After a brief investigation, it was learned the Victim was lured to ENRIQUEZ’ residence in the 3400 block of Liberator to meet with him to pick up money. The Victim claimed she & ENRIQUEZ were currently separated. During the meeting ENRIQUEZ proceeded to attack & stab the Victim with a knife. The victim managed to escape & run to a nearby residence for help. A neighbor drove the Victim to the Fire Station.

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    Updated – It was a police officer who shot the man near the Waffle House on Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the entry.

    I don’t have any details on this right now but the Atlanta Police are currently on the scene in the 2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta. 

    Police are saying that one person was shot and killed at around 6:30 this morning and that they have one other person in custody. They’ve blocked off the roads immediately in the vicinity and are currently investigating the shooting.
    I don’t know about now but when I still lived in the area it was full of strip clubs of the kind that are more like dives, adult bookstores and the like. Not a particularly desirable area to be in, although there are some normal businesses and industrial companies in the area.

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    I don’t do a lot of crime stories about people and their pets, nor am I big into animal rights and PETA and all of that crap but there are just certain things you don’t do and one of them is to not take care of a pet that you have adopted. Just like when you have or adopt a child when you take responsibility for an animal you are supposed to take care of them. I have a friend of mine who is very much into animal rights and I was thinking about her when I came across a pair of scumbags (I’ll write about the other one later this evening).
    The first and winner of the asshat award for today goes to 22-year-old Nicole E. “Niki” Spatig ( from Beaver, Pennsylvania. Niki was renting an apartment in Beaver. When her landlord paid a visit earlier this week she noticed that all of the windows were open. Open windows in Pennsylvania in December? It was obvious something was up so the landlord called police after entering the premises. What she found was disgusting.

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    Mark_Neal_Golden.jpgUpdated – Mark Neal Golden has pleaded guilty to the murder of Daisy Ruth Moore Snyder and been sentenced to life in prison. The rest of the update at the bottom of the post.

    Back in December of 1988 a deer hunter discovered a body in the woods near Lake Keowee, just northeast of the Georgia/South Carolina line. It’s fairly close to Lake Hartwell and the Sumter National Forest, a rather beautiful area actually. There have actually been a couple of bodies found in the area over the years. In 1992 Norsaadah Husain was murdered and her body was found in the area as well. I don’t think that they have ever solved Norsaadah’s case although I could be mistaken about that one.
    Anyway, Daisy Ruth Moore Snider was last seen at the Greer Memorial Baptist Church but police believe she had gone to Easley Junior High to walk on the track. Her car was found there along with her purse, shoes and a gallon of milk she had purchased. I don’t know about anyone else but generally when I purchase milk I try and take it straight home and most likely wouldn’t stop to walk while my groceries sat in the car. Nevertheless, it can get somewhat cold in December so the milk probably would have been alright. Just one of those things that has been nagging at me about the case.
    When Ruth Snider’s body was found law enforcement determined that she had been shot in the chest and shoulder and her clothing was thrown around her. She had also been raped.

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    Heather D'Aoust

    May 25th started as just another normal Sunday for Becky D’Aoust, a teacher and counselor in the San Diego area. Her husband and two of her daughters were still in bed and the other daughter was away at school. I imagine she went downstairs to make herself a cup of coffee and perhaps prepare breakfast for her family. That’s of course before one of her daughters attacked her in the kitchen with a claw hammer, striking her in the head at least 15 times. Rebecca D’Auost died in the hospital from her injuries on May 26th. Her father, James D’Aoust heard the screams from downstairs and ran to restrain the daughter, Heather D’Aoust, until 911 could be called.

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    Updated – the remains found last week have been positively identified as Caylee Anthony. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the post.
    Investigators are still searching the area near the Anthony’s house and the investigation there is likely to last through the weekend now since significant skeletal remains have been found there this week. There has also been some other stuff found although the Orange County Sheriff won’t comment on it. The Orlando Sentinel, after reviewing over 170 crime scene photos released by the sheriff’s department has discovered what may be a book belonging to Caylee Anthony. Possibly the same book she is seen reading in a video made by her grandparents prior to her disappearance.
    There is more news as well. The call made to the sheriff’s department after the meter reader found the skull was not the first one he had made.

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    The Westminster Police Department has arrested 48-year-old Vuong Pham for stealing Christmas decorations from more than 20 different victims in the area. They have thus far recovered three truckloads of Christmas decorations. When they were found, most of them were in his house although according to the report below some of them were actually up on his roof as well. Some of the stuff recovered included water fountains, trees, statues, walkway lights, fake christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen decorations as well. He had an entire room filled with fricking reindeer.

    The police initially arrived at Vuong Pham’s house to investigate an argument that he was having with his son, possibly over who got to sleep with the reindeer I would assume. The dude has got to have some serious psychological issues.
    He pleaded not guilty earlier today on two felony charges of suspicion of receiving stolen property. His bail has been set at $25,000 and he could end up facing about three and a half years in prison if he’s convicted. Damn, there are rapists that spend less time in jail than Mr Pham is going to. What’s up with that crap?
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    This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Melinda

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christian P. Humphreys

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christian P. Humphreys
    28 years old from Fallon, Nevada
    6th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, Task Force 49
    November 15, 2008

    U.S. Army

    A funny, nice guy who loved to fly. That’s how Christian P. Humphreys is remembered by his friends. “He was a great guy, always happy and had a joke,” said Sean Whitney, a flight medic. “We used to play with our paintball guns in the cornfields behind his house.”

    Humphreys flew with the Fallon Naval Air Station Search and Rescue Longhorns from June 6, 2004, to May 5, 2006. He left the Navy and joined the Army as part of the “Blue to Green” program to become a helicopter pilot.

    Humphreys, along with Chief Warrant Officer 3 Donald V. Clark, 37 years old from Tennessee, was killed when their OH-58 Kiowa helicopter crashed while on a mission over Mosul, Iraq. As a rescue crew chief, Humphreys was in charge of the operation behind the pilots. He made the decisions when to deploy rescue crews out of the helicopter to assist injured people, and he also took care of the equipment.

    “He was a funny guy, a nice guy, a lot of character,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin Schmidt. “The guy was always entertaining, always had something to say, but like everyone here, he displayed the professionalism in saving lives.”

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christian P. Humphreys leaves behind a wife and parents.

    All Information Was Found On And Copied From

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

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    Crime Scene Investigators are still hard at it on the piece of property where the remains of what may be Caylee Anthony were found six days ago and will most likely be there until Thursday (tomorrow) afternoon. During a press conference today the spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that they are still pulling brush out of the area and that they are still finding additional items of interest, or possible evidence.

    State prosecutors and FBI agents are combing the area and there are all kinds of experts for the state that have been flown in to examine the site as well.
    Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez tried to get the court to allow the defense to monitor the evidence coming out of the site as well as be present at the autopsy. Rather than let a bunch of people that don’t need to be there interfere with a police investigation judge Stan Strickland denied the motions that have been filed with the court.
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    54-year-old Drew Peterson, the primary suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Stacy Peterson and possibly in the death of another wife, Kathleen Savio, is getting married again. This will actually be Peterson’s fifth marriage. Practice makes perfect I guess.

    Drew Peterson is a former Illinois police sergeant with the Bolingbrook PD. He’s gotten a lot of media attention since Stacy Peterson went missing in October of 2007 and although as I said he is the major suspect, he has never been charged in either case.
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    ElizabethOrtiz.jpgI can remember many times falling asleep on the couch with one of my children in my arms. It’s an endearing scene. More often than not when they were small I would put them in the crib though, more out of fear that they would roll off the couch while I was asleep or something else equally as stupid. Tired or not you always have to think of your children first and sometimes what’s best for them doesn’t always jive with what we necessarily want.

    30-year-old Elizabeth Ortiz from Valley, Arizona took a nap with her 7-month-old baby last week. The problem? She was most likely stoned and never woke up as she smothered the baby to death. When she woke up and realized what she had done she called 911, waited until emergency workers arrived and ran like hell since she already had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Damn, that’s a loving mother for you.
    I guess Elizabeth did have second thoughts though, because she returned to the house. When she came back home and talked to police she admitted to doing drugs. Police think that her drug use may have contributed to the death of her baby but are waiting on the results of the autopsy as well as the toxicology report on Elizabeth Ortiz.

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    Earlier today a meter reader found the body of a dead child stuffed in a bag close to the Anthony’s house. According to Todd Black, the spokesperson for Casey Anthony’s attorney, the utility worker picked up a bag and a skull rolled out of it. It hasn’t been confirmed by investigators yet but reports are saying that duct tape was wrapped around the skull.

    According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office there are no other current missing children in Orange County. Tim Miller, the director of Texas EquuSearch said that the remains appear to be those of Caylee Anthony but we are going to have to wait on a positive ID to be sure.
    Medical Examiners will be looking at the body in order to try and determine if it is Caylee or not. Most likely the will have to do DNA testing on the body of the child in order to make sure. So far they haven’t determined the sex of the child either. One of Casey Anthony’s attorney’s, Linda Kenney Baden has said that ‘anthropological measurements and hair color’ of the remains match those of Caylee Anthony. I will try and post more information as soon as I get it.
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    Ernesto Gonzalez, father of missing Giovanni Gonzalez, is to be arraigned on new charges of Parental Kidnapping and Willfully Misleading Police tomorrow. He was indicted this afternoon by a grand jury in Essex on the new charges. If he is convicted he’ll face up to eleven years in jail on these charges.
    Ever since Giovanni went missing back on August 16th Ernesto has denied involvement (at least originally) but witnesses told police that they saw the two of them together on August 16th.
    Back at the end of November Gonzalez confessed to having killed Giovanni but investigators don’t believe his story and launched a new search for him two days after the confession.
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    54-year-old Albert Bedford of Midway Park, North Carolina has been arrested and charged with murder in the disappearance and death of 43-year-old Vickie Lewis.
    Lewis was reported missing on Thanksgiving Day and her body was subsequently found in a shallow grave on property belonging to relatives of Bedford.
    It’s not yet known (to me anyway) what relationship if any that Lewis and Bedford had beyond a professional one. Vickie Lewis worked as a cook at Camp LeJeune and at one point she worked with Albert Bedford.
    This wasn’t the first run-in that Lewis had with Bedford. Their last encounter had bordered on the violent as well. Back on November 8th warrants were drawn up for Misdemeanor Larceny and Communicating Threats. According to the police report I saw Bedford stole her car keys and threatened her life. Actually he pulled a knife on Lewis and said “bitch, I have something for you”. A court appearance was scheduled for December 30th on the charges. The court date is somewhat moot now that her body has been found and he’s sitting in the Onslow County Jail with no bond

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    Silvestre Cervantes.jpg

    Update - This lovely piece of human garbage is currently sitting in the Washington County Jail with an ICE hold. What’s that mean? It means that he is possibly an illegal alien piece of human garbage to boot. When the hell are we going to take our existing laws seriously and quit giving free reign to folks that are here illegally?
    An investigation conducted by Beaverton Police Detectives recently culminated with the Washington County Grand Jury indictment on a suspect that was alleged to have raped a young victim. 
    The incident occurred on November 10, 2008 at approximately 4:30 am when the suspect, 21 year old Silvestre Cervantes-Avila, had taken his 19 year old victim to his Beaverton apartment and forcibly raped and sodomized her at gun point. 
    The name the suspect gave to his victim was “Martin” and the gun used was a black, semi-automatic with white pearlized handles. After threatening and abusing his victim Cervantes-Avila let her go but made a point of keeping her underwear. 

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    barbarastarrsmith.jpgFriday morning started out as just another day for Romeo Smith, his girlfriend Simone Dixon and their four month old baby Savan Smith. Romeo prayed over his baby and they both started getting ready for work. Dixon put Savan into her car seat and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

    Romeo Smith’s estranged wife, Barbara Starr Smith, showed up at their Biloxi apartment complex and killed Romeo with a shot to the head. Then she went after Dixon. Simone Dixon ran from the gunshots and just missed being killed, hit only with bullet fragments. When she tried to get back to the baby she realized that Savan had been kidnapped.
    Police responded to a 911 call stating that shots had been fired at the Maison D’Orleans, near the beach in Biloxi. When they got there they found Romeo Smith, dead in a car with a bullet to his head. Biloxi police issued an Amber Alert and the search was on.

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