Christmas Eve

While I know it’s not officially Christmas yet, Christmas comes whenever I say it does in the Some Guy Case. The reason for that is because Christmas Eve I will end up working 12+ hours and Christmas Day 18+. It’s not likely that I will get to see my family at all Christmas Day and may not even be able to speak to them on the phone. It can be a bummer at times, therefore Santa visits our house on whatever my days off happen to be that week. Normally it’s a few days prior to the actual holiday, although last year it fell a couple of days later.
I’ve already nestled the youngest curtain climber in bed and the other one will soon be on her way. They both know well that Santa Claws doesn’t show up at the houses where children are awake and are very interested in receiving such a visit tonight. We left the Christmas lights on so he could find the house and of course we’ve left out cookies and milk for him and carrots for the reindeer.
This is one of times of year when I just fucking despise my job with a vengeance. I’ve come close to quitting a few times simply because it’s the holidays and they have always meant so much to me, ever since I was a child. I even came up with a plan last week to pay off all of my debt and quit my job late next year, just making what I do in web advertising. I could do it too, but it would mean a cut in my lifestyle which I really don’t want. Once January has come and gone I will get over it and be back to business as usual. I get the same urge when I’m on vacation and see how people actually get shit like nights, weekends and holidays off of work, just not quite as urgent as I do during the holidays.
I was going to post some more but got involved with something else so I guess that’s about it for this evening. I may get something up tomorrow but it’s not likely…

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