If you didn’t get my cryptic tweet last night you need to read a bit more science fiction. “Damn. Two more hours and I AM the meaning of life…On that note I think I shall go to bed…” If you did, good deal, you know exactly what I am referring to.
I have officially made yet another trip around the sun and turn 42 years old today. Yuck. And of course I have to work today, along with having to attend a meeting this afternoon. Can’t get much more fun than that….
Updated – So I posted this right before I went to work this morning and got home about 7:30 tonight. That sucked.
I did get a cool gift (of course I picked it out, sometimes that’s the best kind)…One of those Mr Coffee Expresso/Cappuccino machines. W00t. There’s not much better than a good cup of coffee, unless it’s a good cup of cappuccino.

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