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    Update: Marvin Grant had a hearing today (August 10th) in court and asked to be assigned a public defender. He did not enter a plea during the hearing.

    Original Post: 33-year-old Marvin Turell Grant, more popularly known as Lyin’ Marv or Bigg Marv on MC Hammer‘s  show Hammertime and a cousin of Hammer, was arrested Thursday and charged with raping a 40-year-old woman he met on Twitter.

    Grant and the woman met through Twitter and developed a relationship through emails and phone calls. Earlier in the week Grant told them woman he had just flown into San Francisco International and the woman agreed to drive to Livermore to meet him. She rented a hotel room and waited for Grant to arrive. The two went to dinner and then returned to her hotel room.

    Now don’t get me wrong, but when you rent a hotel room and then invite a guy back to your hotel room after a romantic dinner, the guy is looking to get laid. Anyone that doesn’t know that is a moron. That having been said, I still feel like “NO” is no. Even with the fact that it looks like she was leading Grant on she still didn’t deserve what he dished out.

    At some point Grant started to fondle the woman which is when she asked him to stop since they had just met. He then assaulted her sexually. The woman allegedly tried to stop the attack but the 300lb man held her down and pinned one of her arms rendering her unable to fight back. It’s a wonder she could breathe with Grant on top.

    After the woman called police, investigators got in touch with him via cell phone. He agreed to turn himself in and never showed up. Again police contacted him and he said he would turn himself in on Thursday morning. When that didn’t happen police arrested him in Tracy, CA about 2 pm Thursday afternoon.

    MC Hammer is defending Marv on his Twitter account and the family is standing behind Marv. Oh yeah, here is Bigg Marv’s Twitter page as well. What’s interesting is that there are no tweets since last Tuesday. He is a pretty regular user so I am assuming that after police got what they needed the tweets were deleted. Too bad Google doesn’t archive twitter timelines like regular pages.

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    Just when I think I am creeped out enough for the evening along comes So Jaded over at the Dreamin’ Demon with a really creepy dude like 21-year-old Laszlo Arsenio Horvath from Bithlo, Florida.

    Last month Orange County deputies began their investigation of Laszlo (MySpace) after receiving a tip on the Crimeline about alleged animal abuse. This mouth breather apparently just couldn’t get a date with a real girl so the lonely fucktard gave his affections to his Whippet named Silvy.

    Whippets are medium sized dogs and Horvath did so much damage to the poor creature that when deputies contacted him they found Silvy with her hind end all fixed up with a cloth pressed against her lower half and held in place with duct tape which was holding her legs closed. Excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth.

    I’ll repeat that. Silvy had her legs duct tape closed holding a cloth against her lower half. After investigators convinced Horvath the best thing to do would be to turn the dog over to animal services a veterinarian decided that she was in such bad shape that they needed to euthanize the 8-year-old dog. After she was put down they did a necropsy and found human male DNA inside the poor thing.

    Deputies interviewed Horvath yesterday and he confessed to sodomizing the dog several times because he was so lonely. He was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail and charged with animal abuse.

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    Back on July 24th 28-year-old Jeffrey Alan Bissonnett’s wife noticed that their 2-month-old baby was crying a lot more than usual and that there was an unusually shaped lump on the back of the little girl’s head. She immediately took the baby to the hospital where doctors found two skull fractures along with broken ribs.

    According to police reports she told the police that she suspected her husband, Jeffrey, because he has a history of anger management issues. They arrested Bissonnett the next day (last week) and charged him with Assault and Criminal Mistreatment. He was released on bond this past Monday.

    The little girl’s injuries are not life-threatening thank goodness and she is still under the care of the folks at OHSU Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

    You can find Jeffrey’s (who oh by the way lists himself as single) MySpace here.

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    Back in March a family reported that their 11-year-old daughter had been sexually molested by a friend of the family, 21-year-old Dustin Ryan Peters (MySpace). After a four month long investigation Dustin was finally arrested by Gladstone Police detectives in Coos Bay this past Tuesday. He was initially placed in the Coos County Jail and has now been lodged in the Clackamas County Jail and charged with Rape I, Sodomy I, Sexual Abuse I and Unlawful Penetration I.

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    Back toward the end of May 36-year-old Christopher Richard King was arrested for allegedly violating the student-teacher relationship. He is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl from Marietta High School. He was lodged in the Cobb County Jail on $25,000 bond. King, who has taught for Marietta City Schools since 2004, resigned his teaching position the day before he was arrested the first time.

    King, who apparently had sex with the girl on several different occasions, was ordered as a stipulation of his bond to not contact the girl, decided that since he must be innocent of any crime it would be OK to send the girl an email. He has been arrested again and sentenced to five days in jail for violating his bond.

    The video below is from King’s initial arrest.

    What sucks about this whole situation is something I was entirely unaware of. The Georgia Supreme Court apparently ruled back in June that a student of the legal age of consent can legally have sex with a teacher. What the fuck is that about? The inbred fuckers sitting on the court are saying that it’s OK for this man, who is old enough to be the girl’s father, to fuck his students as long as they are 16 or older. King’s attorney states that since the Supreme Court says it is legal and the sex is consensual Christopher King has done nothing illegal and the case should be dropped.

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    Last night was the third night in Palermo Town Court for the trial of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell. Both of the Maxwells have been charged with four counts each of creating an unsanitary environment as well as locking Erin Maxwell in her room in a manner that she couldn’t escape in an emergency.

    State Police Investigator Joe Harriger testified for four hours last night about the conditions of the house. Most of the stuff he testified about we have already gone over last year in the initial posts that were put up. He said that he saw a pile of garbage, chickens in cages, 20 dead kittens in the freezer, cat feces and plenty of cats.

    The defense counsel did get Harriger to admit that they pulled 43 cats out of the house rather than 63, which is what was in his initial report.

    The trial continues tonight and I will try to have an update in the morning. You can also follow it in more detail at the link below.


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    Back in 2007 50-year-old Rodell Vereen of Conway, SC was convicted for buggering a horse named Sugar at the Lazy B Stables. Bad enough to be jailed for being a horse fucker, but twice? With the same horse?

    Surveilance cameras caught someone doing the horse back on July 19th but Police weren’t able to identify the assailant. Barbara Kenley, who owns the horse and the stables, was pretty sure it had to be Vereen. She wanted to catch him red-handed and catch him she did.

    Kenley has been keeping her eyes open and this time she made sure to bring her shotgun. When she caught him literally in the act he claimed to be looking for the bathroom and then apologized, saying he didn’t mean to hurt her.

    Vereen has been charged with Buggery and Trespassing. He is already on South Carolina’s sex offender list and faces up to five years if he is convicted. He was already on probation when he pleaded guilty to buggery last year and now he has to sit in jail until he has a hearing on Monday to determine if he violated his probation.


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    Lee Anthony

    The Florida State Attorney’s Office has released over 1500 pages of new Discovery in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of three-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony. Apparently a large chunk of the documentation has to do with Jesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s one-time fiance. You can find all 18 parts of the document dump over at WESH.

    In addition to the documents, Lee Anthony is being deposed today in the case. Several news sources are reporting that Lee Anthony has been given immunity and of course there are other folks flying off the handle about it. Here’s what the news stations aren’t telling you. When the state subpoenas you to give testimony in something like this you are given Use Immunity. Basically it’s so you won’t plead the 5th. Anything that Lee Anthony says in his deposition today can’t be used to prosecute him later. That doesn’t mean that they can’t charge him with obstruction later or worse if he was more involved, it just means they would have to use evidence other than anything gathered in the deposition. You can read up on Use Immunity over at Lawyers.com.

    Since we already know that early on Lee gave several conflicting answer to detectives he can answer questions at the deposition without having to worry about incriminating himself. Yesterday prosecutors spent a long day going through the same process with Cindy Anthony.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Last night the trial of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell continued with Defense Attorney Sal Lanzo’s opening statement. He said that the Maxwells will both be testifying before the jury and according to CNYCentral the charges were just a rush to judgment and the issue was whether the state has a right to tell you how clean your house can be. It was obvious from the beginning that he was going to use this tact. We’ll see when the jury comes back how they feel about it. Their 11-year-old daughter was forced to live in unsanitary conditions in a house full of garbage, animals and cat shit.

    They are also accused of locking Erin in a room so that she couldn’t get out all even if there was an emergency.

    The DA took the same tact and told the jury that this case is about Erin and the conditions that she was forced to live in.

    The first witness to be called was New York State Trooper Shawn Finkle. He told the jury about the conditions of Erin Maxwell’s house when she died and showed pictures of the garbage strewn throughout the house.

    The case continues tonight and I will update this tomorrow or you can follow it at CNYCentral as well.

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    This Week’s Hero Was Suggested By Deb

    SSgt. Darrell

    SSgt. Darrell “Shifty” Power
    86 years old from Dickerson County, Virginia
    E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
    June 17, 2009

     U.S. Army

    The world lost one of it’s true heroes a couple of weeks ago. Darrell “Shifty” Powers passed away on June 17 of cancer. “Shifty” was part of the famed E Co/2/506 of the 101st Airborne Division. Easy Company. The Band Of Brothers.

    “I loved everything about my daddy,” said Margo Johnson, daughter of SSgt. Powers. “He never bragged about what he did in the war. And for a lot of years, he never even talked much about what he did – unless someone asked him about it. But he truly was a hero to me. Just like he’d been to the people who know him as a soldier in a [mini-series].”

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

    Wednesday Hero Logo

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    Robert B. Blurton, the man accused of killing his Aunt and Uncle along with their granddaughter last month in Missouri made his first appearance in court in Benton County today after having been extradited from Kansas.

    45-year-old Blurton pleaded Not Guilty and requested a public defender. He has another court appearance scheduled from next week.

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    Back in 1990 a young girl was attacked along Forest Park Road in Metro Atlanta, dragged into the woods and brutally raped. At the time law enforcement had no suspects or leads and the case went cold.

    18 years later after a DNA check of former Georgia prisoners police think they have their suspect, unfortunately they can’t find him. 48-year-old Freddie Dixon is 5’11” and 200lbs. Police describe him as dangerous and his previous criminal convictions include battery and assault. When Dixon is located he faces charges that include Rape, Aggravated Assault and False Imprisonment.


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    Back toward the end of May 39-year-old Christopher M. Pocknell was arrested on charges of Domestic Abuse and Bail Jumping. I came across the story then but decided at the time that I would wait until it went to trial before writing about it as the victim was not identified among other reasons.

    Basically what happened is that Christopher installed a GPS tracking unit under the bumper of his estranged wife’s car. It had the ability to send text messages of it’s location to a cell phone. The chip was leased to Christopher Pocknell back in October of last year but I don’t know for sure how long he had been tracking his wife’s whereabouts. In addition to the GPS chip Pocknell consistently harassed his wife, following her to Iowa one time.

    I’m not real sure why this story intrigued me so much when I ran across it back in May because obviously there was no violent crime committed and nobody was missing or murdered. How would this have turned out had the GPS chip not been found when it was? Christopher is no stranger to domestic abuse. From what I have been able to ascertain, his first ex-wife had a restraining order for domestic abuse against him during or after their divorce. I sent her a couple of emails but she didn’t respond.

    Read more …

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    Law Enforcement up in Worcester, MA are desperately searching for whoever killed 23-year-old Darlene Haynes last Thursday and they are seriously constrained by time because whoever brutally murdered Darlene in her apartment cut open the belly of this 8-months-pregnant mother of three and removed the baby she was carrying.

    The last time anyone heard from Darlene was last Thursday night. She had dropped off her one-year-old baby girl at her boyfriend’s house (the father of her 3rd child) who she also has a restraining order against and then later on that night she sent a text message to a friend that said she was having wine coolers with another friend at her apartment. According to the Boston Globe the boyfriend, Roberto Rodriguez, is not considered a suspect.

    Monday neighbors noticed a stench coming from Darlene’s apartment and when the landlord went to investigate he made the gruesome discovery. She was wrapped up in bed sheets in a closet and had been dead for several days. The body was severely mutilated and her 8-month-old fetus was missing.

    Since doctors say that the baby would need medical attention it may be very soon that we find out exactly what happened to Darlene Haynes last week, that is provided that the intent was to remove the baby from alive from the woman.

    Darlene does have several different MySpace profiles but the one she seems to have used most recently is here. She hasn’t logged in since September of last year and there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot there that would point to anything specific as far as this case is concerned.


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    The trial for the child endangerment charges brought against Erin Maxwell’s parents began earlier this evening. Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell are accused of forcing their 11-year-old daughter to live in filthy conditions and that she was malnourished, all charges that the defense denies. As of 9pm jury selection is still going on in Palermo Town Court.

    Their son, Alan Jones, has been accused of murdering Erin and will stand trial for that in September.


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    24-year-old Stacey Marie Barker from California has finally been ordered to stand trial in the murder of her 18-month-old daughter, Emma Leigh Barker. Back in March Stacey Barker smothered her daughter and then dumped the body along the side of the freeway. She then called the police with a cock-and-bull story about being kidnapped and raped. Later she told the police the truth and she ended up being arrested about a month after her daughter was killed.


    A Lancaster Superior Court judge found that there was sufficient evidence to try Barker, who will stand trial for Murder, Assault on a Child Causing Death and Child Abuse. No trial date has yet been set.

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  • ashleyschuttmug

    Updated August 5th 2009. I’ve had a couple of emails from anonymous folks both defending Greg Schutt as well as others defending Ashley. Nothing more than conjecture and hearsay so far except for the fact that I did receive one from a possible co-worker of Ashley’s who claimed that she would come to work bruised and with black eyes.

    Original Entry below:

    Some of the stuff I come across and write about seems so clear cut. Take the last post for example, the one about the mother that skinned her child. It’s pretty clear to me that Otty Sanchez is just an evil creature for what she has done. Some stories aren’t quite so clear, at least on the surface and leave me shaking my head wondering “why?” The story of Greg and Ashley Schutt is one of those. Perhaps it’s just because all of the details haven’t surfaced to the public yet.

    Greg and Ashley had been married eight years (possibly nine now). Greg’s MySpace page paints a picture of normality. Photos include Batman, Family Guy, a model. He appears to have liked wrestling. One thing I found that was noticeably absent from his photos were pictures of his wife. Out of 148 photos there are exactly two, including the one of the couple which is below.


    Just because he doesn’t have a bunch of pictures posted doesn’t necessarily signify anything. I have a ton of photos online but only a few are of my wife. That’s more because she shys away from wanting to be associated with my online life than anything else though. She teaches and with the amount of knuckle draggers that she has to deal with on a daily basis I can understand not wanting them to have too much info. One thing I did find interesting though is the photo that Greg did have up. According to Ashley’s photos and comments she has worked hard the last couple of years to lose weight. As a matter of fact she has lost a lot of weight and that must have really been a boost to her self esteem. Why then would the only two pictures her husband have online be “fat” pictures?

    Read more …

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    Otty Sanchez


    Around 4:30 Sunday morning 33-year-old Otty Augusto Sanchez (MySpace 1 and MySpace 2) woke her mother, who lives in a mother-in-law suite behind the house where Sanchez and her sister live, and what her mother saw was a particularly gruesome site. When she came into the room she found Sanchez sitting with her three and a half week old little boy in a pool of blood. The baby had been decapitated. The grandmother took the baby from Sanchez and laid him on a bed in order to call the police.

    When they arrived police say that Sanchez was sitting on a couch screaming “I killed my baby. I want to die”. Police found the baby’s mutilated body lying in blood on the bed next to a knife which law enforcement believe to be the murder weapon as well as a sword and machete that they don’t think were used. The child had been decapitated, skinned and was missing body parts which Otty claimed to have eaten. Apparently she ate part of his brain and bit three of his toes off. Police had to carry the baby’s remains out of the house in two bags.

    According to the reports I have seen Otty claims to have heard voices and told police that the devil made her kill her baby. Sanchez had to be taken to University Hospital in San Antonio after she stabbed herself in the stomach and sliced her own throat with the same weapon she used to mutilate her son, Scott Wesley Buchholtz-Sanchez. Also according to police Sanchez’s wounds aren’t life-threatening and she faces charges of capital murder. She is being held on $1 million bond.

    I can’t really place my finger on it but reading her MySpace blogs she seems just a bit off.


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    Remember Ace Shomaker? He’s the dude that shoved his cat inside a homemade bong and got busted for it back in March. He pleaded guilty today to a charge of Animal Cruelty and the 21-year-old faces up to a year in prison when he goes back for sentencing on September 18th.

    Check out the link for the earlier story.

    Update – Acea Shomaker has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for the crime.

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    My wife is a public high-school teacher. She’s been doing it for 15 years and occasionally she’ll take a summer off just to relax but generally she likes to keep busy working. The extra money is nice but I think keeping busy is the main reason she does it. She used to work for me during the summer months but for the last decade or so she has taught summer school. This year she got to teach both summer school as well as participate in educating teachers at the local university.

    35-year-old Clinton Ernest Pruitt apparently likes to keep busy during the summer months as well. The only thing is, he doesn’t seem to care if his summer is filled with legal and fulfilling activities or not.

    Clinton let it get around that he was looking to buy some meth and I could have told him that stuff like that generally gets around to the wrong people but he most likely wouldn’t have listened anyway. Clinton Pruitt purchased 14 grams of methamphetamine from an undercover law enforcement officer in Forsyth County, GA earlier in the month, allegedly with the intent to turn around and sell it for more.

    Clinton, who teaches at Dawson County Middle School, was released on $27,500 bond back on July 14th. According to the Dawson County Schools Superintendent Keith Porter Pruitt is still employed by Dawson County and will remain so while they “monitor the situation”. Considering the fact that school starts back in two weeks, exactly what are they going to have him doing there? Teaching kids about Economics? If I were a resident of Dawson County I’m not sure I would want my kids around Pruitt. WTF? My wife is being forced to take three unpaid leave days in order to save the State of Georgia enough money to cut it’s budget because politicians don’t know how to keep to a budget worth a damn. Perhaps they could furlough this piece of crap and split his salary between some of the other Dawson County teachers who deserve their hard-earned money.

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    43-year-old Daniel Mark Swanciger is a twice-convicted sex offender. Up until recently his latest charge was in December 2007 when he failed to comply with Maine’s Sexual Offender Registry Act, i.e. he absconded.

    Last Sunday a three-year-old’s mother called the police to report that the child had been sexually abused. Swanciger is apparently a friend of the family and was spending time with them. According to the mother Swanciger moved the child’s bathing suit aside in order to rub his foot in her vagina while the mother was napping just a few feet away. By the time that police arrived Swanciger had fled the scene but they were able to catch up to this repeat offender a short time later.

    He is currently being held at the Cumberland County Jail on charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact as well as Failing to Comply With the Sexual Offender Registry Act with only a $50,000 bond. I guess some liberal judge has decided it would be OK for the douchebag to go out and rape another child while he’s waiting for trial. Considering that registering is most likely part of his initial parole he should be forced to serve the rest of his sentence and THEN go to trial for this one.

    Yet another disturbing story that shows how sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated. What’s scary is the fact that it looks as if Swanciger has lived in Arizona, Maine, New York (where he also failed to register), North Carolina (which is where he offended both previous times) and possibly New Hampshire and Texas. How many unreported victims of Swanciger are out there right now, scarred for the rest of their lives?

    Source 2.

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    23-year-old April E. Crandall (www.myspace.com/blazeinmuffin), single mother of a three-year-old boy, was arrested Friday morning by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old boy three times back in June and July this summer. Her screenname, Flawlessness, belies her predatory acts.

    She has been charged with two counts of third degree rape and one charge of engaging in a criminal sexual act in the third degree. Crandall has not yet had her court date set, or at least it has not been released to the public. She is currently being lodged in the Livingston County Jail in lieu of $5,000 cash bond.


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    Seems I’ve written about more than my share of dog fuckers the last year or so and as Edwin Roble was arrested for allegedly screwing the pooch he can be added to that list.

    53-year-old Edwin Robles moved to Jonesboro, GA from Kissimmee, Fl recently and like all geographical changes his problems just followed him here. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Clayton County police with a tip that Edwin was into bestiality and after an investigation he was arrested early Friday morning for having sex with his dog Chain. When police showed up at his house at 3059 Players Drive they saw more than enough to arrest him on the spot. He was released Friday night on $6,600 bond.

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    According to KIRO in Seattle the Pierce County Prosecutor has announced that due to his history of mental illness they will not seek the death penalty against Charles W. Nettlebeck, the 52-year-old man arrested for the March ax murders of Barbara Joe Nettlebeck and Bretta Joan Hawkins.

    A March 2010 date has been set for the trial. If convicted Nettlebeck could face life in prison without parole.

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    …in more than one way.

    Last Friday night 24-year-old Arlayne Curiel (MySpace) met a 13-year-old boy while both were walking around in downtown Albany, Oregon. Apparently she must have told him where she lived and given him some reason to come by the house because around 1 a.m. Saturday morning he showed up. After plying the boy with alcohol she took him to an unoccupied house next door and allegedly raped him.

    Sick enough as it is but where this story gets weird is when she mentioned to one of her neighbors in an offhand comment that “she wasn’t sure if she had messed around with a young boy”. WTF? Apparently the word got around to the point where Arlayne felt she was being harassed  by her neighbors.

    Did she tell them to mind their own business or go fuck themselves? Did they call the law on this allegedly self-admitted pedophile? Nope, neither of the above. What happened is that Arlayne took it upon herself to call the law and complain about the harassment.

    Once police interviewed the neighbors and started to figure out what was going on they went back to talk to Arlayne, who denied having sex with the boy, but after interviewing him they arrested Arlayne Curiel this Tuesday and have charged her with two counts of Sexual Abuse in the first degree, 3 counts of Sodomy in the Second Degree, Rape in the Second Degree, Burglary in the First Degree and Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor. She was lodged in the Linn County jail and I do not currently know what her bond is or if she has made it (Her MySpace account was logged into earlier today).

    According to one news site one person who knows Arlayne Curiel says that she may be developmentally disabled and did not know what she was doing is wrong. She may be developmentally disabled but the rest sounds like a bunch of horseshit to me.

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