Two Days…

It’s pretty sad when I just happen to stop in and post over here once a month whether I need to or not. I had a couple of crime stories I need to write about today but I just decided I needed to stop in here instead. No real reason for it. I don’t have any invective-filled rants or anything disgusting to post. Too fucking early for that anyway. Just getting ready for work work here shortly and I felt like rambling.
So ramble I will…
I start my ten day vacation on Monday and it’s much-needed and most likely almost as much-deserved. I’ve been working my as off as usual and am looking forward to the time off.
The last couple of summer vacations we’ve taken have been fairly busy. Last year of course was seven days spent at Disney World (which we returned to this April for a few days less) and was a week’s worth of 18 hour days. By day six I was so fucking exhausted that we decided to just leave a little early. None of that this vacation, although it will involve a little bit of driving.
Bright and early Monday morning we’re driving to Hilton Head where I’ve reserved a room (actually more of a suite) at a bed and breakfast on the south side of the Island. It’s about a five hour drive and then two days of fun not quite in the sun. According to the weather it’ll be stormy while we are there so me may end up doing more hanging out and shopping than actual beach time.
Wednesday the wife has to catch a cab for Savannah where she will fly back to Atlanta and then on to Texas to meet up with some blown-eyes. There girls and I are going to continue our adventure and head up into the Mountains. I’m taking them to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in NC for a couple of nights and then on to Gatlinburg and Chattanooga. I don’t have any definitive plans for those four days right now. Just mainly playing it by ear although I do have some ideas. We may stop in on a certain straight white guy and his lovely wife if they are around. They are pretty much on the way from Gatlinburg to Chattanooga and I would hate to bypass them without at least stopping in for a chat.
Well…there is more I need to catch up on here but it’s about ten of six and I need to be in the shower and leaving for work about ten minutes ago. Perhaps this afternoon I won’t be so neglectful and will stop back in.

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