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    Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. While I am not posting here regularly any more I decided to restore the stories mainly for research purposes. There will be no more updates here but the information stands as it is.

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    Update – The Marine Team won the competition this afternoon. Right now we are sitting at $37,199! They are still taking donations though so don’t stop now. It’s a great cause and it’s tax deductible as well.

    Original post – It’s that time of year again. From October 26th through November 11th (Veteran’s Day for those that aren’t conscious) Project Valour IT raises money to provide voice-activated laptops and other helpful equipment to severely wounded troops. This has been going on for several years and I haven’t had the chance to (or was just too darned lazy) to get involved but this year I caught it early enough to get in. So what is Valour IT and how did it get started?


    Read more …

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    The last ten years at Shadowscope have had their ups and downs. I’ll be back sooner or later. Thanks!

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    Lisa Nowak, the diaper-clad diva who drove 1,000 miles from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida in February of 2007 in order to attack a rival for the affections of another astronaut pleaded guilty earlier today to reduced charges and ended up being sentenced to a year of probation.

    Originally Nowak had been charged with Attempted Kidnapping and Burglary along with Misdemeanor Battery. Under those charges she could have faced up to life in prison.

    Nowak was dismissed from the Astronaut Corps after she was arrested and has been on active duty at a Naval Base in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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    Back in September of last year a woman in Las Vegas, Nevada found what she thought was a body in a trash can sitting in a parking lot and called the police. After an autopsy the cause of death was uncertain but the coroner announced that it was suspicious and might have been asphyxiation. Originally the woman was a Jane Doe but after relatives started looking for her she was identified as Helena Haley (MySpace), originally of Whiteville, North Carolina.

    During the investigation it was discovered that she had lived in San Bernardino, California and after taking her children to relatives in Whiteville she had moved to Las Vegas (where she was murdered). A letter was sent to Haley’s aunt purportedly by Haley which had no stamp or return address and the handwriting was not familiar to the family. It also contained 29-Year-Old Khalfani Howard’s fingerprints. Khalfani and Haley had lived together in San Bernardino. Haley’s aunt and uncle also received a phone call at some point from a woman who identified herself as Haley but that they said did not sound like her.


    Police interviewed Khalfani earlier this year in San Bernardino. He told police that Haley moved to Vegas on her own after taking her children back to North Carolina. Police also collected a DNA swab at the time.

    Through good old fashioned police work they traced Haley and Howard’s movements through Greyhound bus tickets and discovered that Howard left Las Vegas on September 10th, 2008, the day that Haley’s body was discovered. A warrant for his arrest was issued last month and 29-Year-Old Khalfani I. Howard was arrested at his home by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies late last week. He is being held without bail and will be extradited to Clark County Nevada where he will stand trial.

    Khalfani’s step-brother Aaron Leach was killed in a drive-by shooting in January of 2005.

    Khalfani’s Streetball Profile

    Khalfani’s ExploreTalent Modeling Profile


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    Earlier this year 21-Year-Old Brandon Kuntz of Grand Forks, North Dakota was arrested for having sex with three underage girls during the Spring. He has now pleaded guilty to gross sexual imposition in one case involving a 14-year-old girl and also to two counts of corruption of minors in cases which involved girls aged 14 and 15.

    In exchange for his guilty plea Brandon will serve less than a year in jail and then get probation. The deal still has to be approved by the judge. His sentencing is supposed to be held on January 8th.

    Brandon hasn’t logged onto his MyYearBook page in a couple of months but one of the things that surprised me (but probably shouldn’t) is that among his listed ‘friends’ on the service are several girls under 18. His MySpace is set to private but his screen name there is Marshall1818 after Eminem and he is “~King*Kuntz~ Don’t mess with a king…” His hobbies include skateboarding, hockey, friends, family and hanging out. He forgot to list screwing teens in there but I guess that’s not something he wanted to advertise…


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    Back in early October a 15-Year-Old girl and two of her friends who were having a sleepover decided to go visit 36-Year-Old Jeffrey Robinson, owner of Olde Naples Surf Shop in Naples, FL, and his girlfriend Christy Peterson. Apparently they knew Peterson and figured it would be a cool thing to do. Robinson and Peterson allowed the girls to drink alcohol while they were there and then the girls stayed the night. The 15-Year-Old girl started falling asleep so Peterson offered to let her use her bed. Around 5 a.m. The girl woke up to find that Christy Peterson had left the bedroom and Jeffrey Robinson was allegedly molesting her. She managed to get out of the room and called her boyfriend to pick her up.

    The girl didn’t report the incident for another week, because she was afraid of her mother knowing about spending the night at a stranger’s and drinking. Since too much time had passed for them to do a rape kit police set up a phone call between the girl and Peterson during which Peterson basically admitted to what happened.

    Robinson was arrested earlier in the week when he surrendered himself at the Naples Police Department. He was charged with Lewd or Lascivious Molestation.


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    Folks that get arrested are generally not at their best when their mug shot is taken and 27-Year-Old Diana Kay Mills of Healdton, Oklahoma is no exception. 13, 15 or now at 43 there’s not enough alcohol in the world that would get me to hit that. You would have to drug me up as well and that is exactly what Diana Mills is alleged to have done.

    A 13-Year-Old boy reported to his mother that Mills had given him prescription drugs and alcohol and then had sex with him. She also reportedly gave a 15-Year-Old drugs and alcohol but apparently he was able to resist her worldly charms as she didn’t sleep with him.

    When police investigated the claims Mills confessed to having sex with the boy. She has been charged with Rape and Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors.


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    Back in January 25-Year-Old Nina R. Urban (Facebook) of Lucas, KS was arrested on charges that she had sex with one of her male students. After an investigation the Russell County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant and Urban turned herself in to the Sheriff.

    She posted a $10,000 bond, was released and was placed on administrative leave at Lucas-Luray High School where she taught English. Urban also graduated from Lucas-Luray High School in 2002 and her father, David Urban serves on the local school board.

    Urban, who was originally charged with three counts of Unlawful Sexual Relations reached a deal with the prosecutor and pleaded guilty to one of the counts. Her sentencing is supposed to be in January 2010. She has also resigned her teaching position.

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    Last year I wrote several posts on the FLDS and how Texas authorities took away 400 children from their families, all of which were later returned after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that they didn’t have sufficient reason to think that abuse was happening.

    Raymond Jessop was one of the people from the Yearning for Zion Ranch that were indicted for sexual assault of a minor last year. Thursday he was convicted of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 17 that he was “spiritually married” to. His sentencing is supposed to be on Monday and he may receive up to 20 years in prison.


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    Friday night a man left his 14-Year-Old son in the care of his (the father’s) brother 38-Year-Old Tyrone Hamilton Oliver. While keeping an eye on the teen he allowed a bit of partying to go on by giving his nephew cigarettes and grain alcohol. Grain alcohol? Stout frigging stuff that.

    Anyway, at some point the boy passed out and shortly after 11 p.m. the father returned home with his other son. Oliver asked the boy to hide his older brother since he was passed out and didn’t want the kid’s father to see him. The boy refused so what does Tyrone Oliver do? He burns the kid with a cigaretted.

    When the father confronted him, Tyrone charged the man and attempted to fight him. He ended up pinning him to the ground until Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputies could get there.

    The boy was taken to the hospital and discharged earlier today and is OK but Oliver was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail with no bond on charges of assault and child abuse.

    Tyrone has quite an arrest record in the Tampa area. He’s been arrested previously for driving with a revoked license (habitual offender), possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine, giving a false name to a law enforcement officer, DUI (more than once) and stealing cable TV (SEE! Those commercials are true). His first listed arrest in Hillsborough County was in 1996 was for driving with a suspended or revoked license so even prior to that he was fucking up. Not someone I would have left my teenage son with. What the fuck were you thinking dad?

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    I ran across this video earlier this afternoon. Check it out.


    I find it interesting that the video provided by the lawyer who is suing the Minneapolis police does not include anything leading up to the point where the man was tased back at the end of April. It’s entirely possible that the man was resisting prior to the officer putting him down but at the moment before he is tased the man has his hands resting on the front of the police car when the officer nonchalantly walks behind him and puts the taser to the back of his neck.


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    Wednesday Evening 24-Year-Old Deniecia E. Lester sent a text message to her husband letting him know that she had been kidnapped (gonna be late for dinner honey, I’ve been kidnapped). As a result Fulton County Police along with the help of United States Marshals desperately searched for her in Clayton County on Thursday after an alert was put out.

    Lester was finally located Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. at an apartment in Clayton County. FAIL! She hadn’t been kidnapped at all, just needed a bit of time with her boyfriend. Ooops.

    Lester was arrested and charged with False Report of a Crime. She had a court appearance earlier today, was granted $5,000 bond and was put into a treatment diversion program. Seems like she already had her diversion but whatever.

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    28-Year-Old Christopher Adams of Dallas, Georgia must have gotten himself into a spot where he needed a bit of cash quick because he donned a Halloween Mask (at first I thought perhaps they had done the mug with it on…), got himself a Louisville Slugger and barged into the CVS pharmacy on the East-West Connector demanding cash from the person running the cash register.

    Chris got his cash and took off. Only problem was that he didn’t park his getaway car at the store, he parked over off of Hicks Road which is almost a mile from the CVS which is right off Austell Rd if my memory serves me correctly.

    Map picture

    Regardless of where it is exactly a police officer noticed a Ford Focus parked off of Hicks Road and shortly after he found Adams walking to his car and arrested him without incident.

    Adams is currently lodged in the Cobb County Jail on charges of Carrying a Concealed Weapon (is that a baseball bat or are you just happy to see me?), Wearing a Mask or Hood (WTF?), Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault.

    It’s a good thing most criminals are too dumb for their own good.

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    Police in the Stone Mountain, GA area are investigating several rapes that they currently think have been committed by the same mane and are telling residents of the area around Hambrick Road to take extra caution.


    Map picture


    Dekalb County Detectives went door to door Wednesday warning people who live in the area about the attacks.

    In each of the attacked a woman has been raped either at their house of while they were walking alone. The suspect is a black man, 5’10”-6′ tall, 175-180lbs.

    The Dekalb County Special Victims Unit is investigating several leads and are keeping a close eye on the area.

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    No matter how many freakishly depressing stories I come across and write about here there is always at least one that, while not redeeming the general population in my eyes, at least makes me see the humor in things. 42-Year-Old David Todd Napodano of Lehigh Acres, Florida has/is one of those stories.

    A woman and her adult daughter were leaving the Wal-Mart and trying to find their car in the parking lot when they happened to walk past Napodano’s Chevy Van in which Napodano was, for lack of better words, reposing.

    When Napodano noticed the two women coming by he stood up, nekked as a jaybird and did a little dance, shaking his hips. I think I would probably have the same reaction as Jaded, uncontrollable bursts of laughter, but the ladies didn’t see it that way and called 911.

    When the cops arrived, and HOUR later, Napodano was still inside his van. Still naked. When Collier County Deputies attempted to speak with Napodano he told them he was naked because he had an extreme case of explosive diarrhea and was using his tightie whities to clean up the mess. Oh how I would hate to have been the deputy who had to ask to examine his underwear…Luckily for the officer they were clean and the cops could find no evidence of ‘uncontrolled bowels’. Not so lucky for David Napodano, who was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

    Here’s your 15 minutes, Jack. I hope you enjoy it.

    Source | Source

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    I was at work Wednesday morning when I received the Levi’s Call (Amber Alert) for the one-year-old daughter of Cara Ann Williams of Jonesboro, GA. I think I may have passed it on to Twitter but that was about it. Turns out that Cara may have stretched the truth just a bit where that was concerned. Maybe more than just a bit.

    28-Year-Old Cara Williams called police on Wednesday and reported to 911 that her daughter had been abducted around 6 a.m. by her ex-boyfriend (the father of the child). The alert said that the boyfriend was possibly armed and dangerous. Police cancelled the Levi’s Call when the little girl was found safe in Maryland with the boyfriend, who has custody of the girl and has been living there for the last two months.

    Williams is currently lodged in the Clayton County Jail on charges of False Report of a Crime and Giving False Statements.

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    The Washington County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference about 1:00 a.m. this morning to announce that missing seven-month-old Shannon Lea Dedrick was found alive around 9:00 p.m. last night. During the news conference Sheriff Haddock held the crying baby in his arms.

    Shannon disappeared from the bedroom of her parent’s house sometime between 3:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. this past Saturday morning and was reported missing at 11:30 a.m. Searchers have spent the last few days mainly looking in the woods near her parent’s mobile home in Chipley, Florida. She was finally found in a box under the bed of her babysitter, Susan Elizabeth Baker, after authorities performed a search of her home.

    Police started looking into the babysitter yesterday when it was discovered that she might have been involved in another missing child case back in 1987. Her six-year-old stepson Paul Baker disappeared in March of ‘87 and has never been found. She claimed that she had put her stepson down for a nap and when she returned to check on him he was missing. He has never been found. Police arrested Susan and her husband James in connection with his disappearance and ended up being charged later with aggravated assault and battery for severely beating him before his disappearance. Their six-year-old daughter was removed from the home after social workers discovered broken bones and sores all over her body. She was convicted of beating the little girl and sentenced to 10 years in prison but ended up being suspended to 80 days.

    Back in August of this year Susan Baker reportedly wrote a letter to Governor Crist,

    "Mr Governor Crist,

    I want to tell you something, there is four people living together. They
    are not working nor are they doing any kind of community serves. But they are drawing food stamps. They take there food stamps and trade them for drugs.

    Tina Merter was pregnant when she meet James Russell Dedrick, jr
    dob:Oct 23, 1978, he is 31 yrs old and has never had a job. So James R
    Dedrick, jr put his name on Tina Merters baby birth certificate. So now he can get a check, food stamps, medicare.

    Now there are Micheal, Erica, Tina Merter & James R Dedrick, jr living all together in a house on 537 5th St, Chipley Florida 32428.

    They are all drowing food stamps and not woking or
    doing community service. That Is so wrong in alot of wasys.

    Tina Meter’s baby is being aboused. I have seen James R Dedrick, jr pick that baby up and shake her, just becouse the baby crys and that gets on his nerves.

    Micheal & Erica also have shoke that baby too. They smoke ciggerets and drugs with the baby in the same room. THAT CHILD NEEDS HELP & NO ONE IS HELPING HER.

    Please Help this child she is mentaly challenged. It is not right that these
    people are selling their food stamps for drugs.

    My husband works 58 hrs a week for us to live and it makes me very angry to see these people sitting on their back sides and draining the system that is put in place for the needy, Not the lazy.

    Please do something about this unjustice and Please
    Please save that child."

    That’s just fucking creepy. After the letter was written Florida CPS did investigate the parents but didn’t find enough evidence to warrant removing the baby from the household although both parents tested positive for drugs. They had already been in contact with the family since March of this year due to reports that they smoked cigarettes as well as Marijuana around the baby.

    Susan Baker mugshot circa 2000

    Susan and James Arthur Baker have been arrested and are in custody along with Shannon’s mother Crystina Lynn Mercer. They aren’t releasing the specific charges to the media yet as their investigation is still going on. According to Crystina’s mother she was suspicious that her daughter might be involved in the disappearance of her granddaughter. Apparently Susan Baker is also related to the father, James “Rusty” Dedrick. Dedrick and Mercer are also reportedly not married and no longer together.


    Shannon Dedrick

    Some of the spellings and names that media are reporting differ than those here so I may not be correct with all of them. I will update the corrected spellings and relationships later. Will be in meetings until after 9 p.m. tonight so it may take me a couple of days to get around to it.

    Susan Baker’s MySpace

    James Baker’s MySpace

    Source (Thanks to Websleuths for 90% of the information here. I had about nine tabs open typing up this story before I went to bed last night and when I got up I saw the announcement that the baby had been found safely)

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    32-Year-Old Daniel Warren Clark’s girlfriend was working on his computer around 8:30 on October 24th but apparently wasn’t able to fix it to his satisfaction because it ended up starting an argument between the two including accusations that he was cheating on her. He got so angry that she left. When she returned home around 2 a.m. she noticed that her dog and two of her cats were hiding in the living room looking scared.

    When she went into the bedroom she found blood on the wall but when she asked what happened, scared that he might have hurt her cat, Clark told her it was his. She allegedly called him a ‘punk’ and Clark pushed her over a couch and then punched her in the face. She left again with the animals she could find and went to a neighbor’s house.

    The girlfriend came home yet again around 4:30 in the morning and asked him what had happened to her cat. At that point Daniel Clark left. She ended up finding the cat in a kitchen cabinet with blood on it. After taking the cat to the vet it was discovered that Clark had poured bleach on it, which can be dangerous to anyone or anything, particularly in the eyes.

    Daniel Warren Clark was arrested and charged with assault, harassment and animal abuse. He pleaded not guilty and is lodged in the Multnomah County Jail. Clark, who is unemployed, has been dating his girlfriend for about nine months.

    In addition to his obvious anger problems Clark did time for assault and attempted rape on an ex-girlfriend in 1996 and had to complete anger management classes in jail.


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    Law Enforcement in Gilmer County, GA are searching for missing 14-Year-Old Josh Chastain who was last seen Tuesday night around 10 p.m. when the family went to bed for the evening. He was noticed missing at 6 a.m. this morning and reported to the Ellijay Police.

    The Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department says that there has been no indication of foul play and that Chastain does not have a history of running away.

    Anyone who sees the boy is asked to call the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office at 770-635-8911

    Josh is 5’7″ tall, 165 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses.

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    40-Year-Old foster mom Jennifer Ann Montag from Hooper, Utah has been arrested and charged with Forcible Sodomy and Rape (five counts between the two charges) after allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year-old foster child living in her home.

    Weber County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the Montag home after she was caught by a family member in her bedroom with the naked boy. After she was discovered she allegedly told the family member “You will ruin our family. I could go to jail and if I do I will kill myself”. Luckily the family member didn’t believe the line of crap and called the law anyway.

    After police interviewed the foster son and other family members including Montag it came to light that she had sex with the boy on several occasions in October and that she had told the foster child not to say anything to anyone. His sister was also aware that they were having a sexual relationship.

    Montag is currently lodged in the Weber County Jail on $100,000 bond.


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    From the Marion County Sheriff’s Office,

    The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested a staff member of the Marion Juvenile Correctional Facility after an investigation revealed the employee used unnecessary force on a juvenile. On Monday, 11-02-09, deputies responded to the facility, 10420 NW Gainesville Road, after a physical altercation between two staff members and several juveniles was reported. One of the juveniles was allegedly placed in a “choke-hold” by staff member Ronald Wallace Jr. and became unconscious. The juvenile then fell to the ground, causing serious injury to his head.

    Several juveniles and staff members were interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Children and Families. Wallace’s statement was inconsistent with other witness’ statements as well as the victim’s injuries. Wallace was subsequently arrested for aggravated child abuse.

    It’s bad enough that something led to the kid being locked up in the first place, whether it be bad decisions on his part or bad parenting but once the folks that are supposed to watch over them start abusing kids it’s just a messed up situation.

    30-year-old Ronald Gregory Wallace has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Child Abuse.


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    This Week’s Post Was Written By Greta

    Col. Henry J. Cook

    Col. Henry J. Cook

     U.S. Army

    Past National Commander, Military Order of the Purple Heart, after serving over fifteen years with MOPH, gaining invaluable experience while in the positions of National Aide-de-Camp, Chapter Commander, Region Commander, National Junior Vice Commander and National Senior Vice Commander.

    He was a career Special Forces (Green Beret) officer for thirty-three of the total forty-two years that he was on combined active and reserve duty. His combat tours began in 1967-68 when he operated behind enemy lines in for extended periods of time conducting operations with native guerrilla troops as the Executive Officer of the 4th Mobile Guerrilla. He saw additional combat in 1969-70 when he led a U.S. Special Forces Mobile Strike Force Battalion (MIKE FORCE), consisting of Green Beret officers and sergeants leading Cambodian mercenaries, again working behind enemy lines as well as reacting to attacks on friendly bases, often requiring that his unit be parachuted into hostile drop zones.

    Later, he participated in Desert Shield (Saudi Arabia), Desert Storm (Kuwait) and Iraq, and Operation Provide Comfort (Support to Kurdish refugees in Northern Iraq.

    For his valor and military skills, Colonel Cook was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with “V” device for Valor and two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with “V” Device and one Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart with One Oak Leaf Cluster, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold and Silver Stars, Joint Services Commendation Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, Special Forces Combat Diver Badge, Special Forces Tab, and numerous other U.S. and foreign decorations.

    Henry Cook is now twice retired, as a soldier and as a lawyer and resides in Diamondhead, Mississippi. He is a member of the Pro Bono Consortium representing veterans who appeal denial of claims and is a member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. He’s been a member of the Mississippi Bar Association since 1978 and also serves as a Municipal Judge Pro Tem in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Other significant contributions to veterans by Henry Cook include: a major role in the creation of the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Ocean Springs and helping raise over $500,000 to help MOPH members in Louisiana and Mississippi who lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. In addition to MOPH, he also belongs to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Special Forces Association (SFA), Special Operations Association (SOA), Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW).

    You can read more about Col. Henry in this PDF file on pages 31 & 32.

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
    We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

    This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

    Wednesday Hero Logo

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    50-Year-Old Mark Warren Samoline from Duluth, GA, a vice-president with UPS and Colonel (reserves) in the United States Marine Corps Individual Ready Reserve has been arrested and charged with rape in Bloomington, Indiana. Samoline is out on bond and has pleaded not guilty after telling the court that the sex was consensual. The 21-Year-Old woman was a student from Indiana University and allegedly the roommate of his daughter.

    Samoline is on administrative leave from UPS following his arrest.

    Update I 11/6/09 – There is an unconfirmed rumor that Samoline is now deceased (This has now been confirmed, see below update). As soon as I can confirm that it’s true or not I will update this again. I still have note been able to find any local reports yet but there have been a couple of people who have left comments as such in the last 24 hours.


    One thing to note. Samoline had several online profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn and over the last week they have all disappeared. For example his Facebook was here and LinkedIn here but neither exist anymore nor are they even in Google’s cache. Yahoo has also recently removed his FaceBook profile from it’s cache as well. His Classmates.com profile has also been deleted. There is a cached version of Samoline’s Facebook you can access here.

    Update II 11/7/09 – I have emailed a couple of the local reporters that put up a quick blurb on the Samoline case last week to try and verify the comment that he has passed away. As of yet I don’t have confirmation of that. The funeral home that handled the process for a relative earlier this year also has no information on any arrangements as of yet either.

    Anyone with information on Mark Samoline that doesn’t necessarily want to comment is more than welcome to email me anonymously at the ‘contact me’ link in the top right corner of the page.

    Update III 11/7/09 – In addition to the several commenters here I have had a couple of other unnamed sources confirm that Mark Samoline has indeed passed away, although whether it was self-inflicted or not is a question I have. Regardless of the charges he was facing our sympathy goes out to the Samoline family as well as that of the victim. They will all have a long road to travel in their grief. I may or may not update the story again depending on if there are any changes to information I receive.

    Updated 11/9/09 – Due to the fact that I have received a Cease and Desist letter I have removed all comments from this post.

    While most of what I have here wouldn’t be considered as defamatory there are quite a few comments that most definitely could, both from the alleged rape victim’s supporters as well as Samoline’s ardent friends. That’s normal in a case like this as emotions can run high. Unfortunately all of the comments will be deleted and no more comments will be accepted on this post. If you feel the need to vent or have verifiable information as to this post feel free to email me anonymously at the link in the top right on my sidebar.

    As part of the Cease and Desist the attorney claims that the email sent to me is copyright and I cannot use it in a post. While I might be able to post it here and fight it out I do not have the time to devote to the matter.

    Update 11/10/09 – I removed this post in it’s entirety yesterday but obviously I have put it back up. Prior to Samoline’s untimely demise the only portion of this post that was online was the first paragraph prior to the 11/6 update. While attorneys for Mr. Samoline claim that the attention from the media and “crime blogs” is what led to his death I don’t see it that way. Shadowscope is the only crime blog that had a post up about the alleged rape at the time of his death and it was one entire paragraph.  The post will remain online, however comments will remain closed on this.

    According to WTOP Mark Samoline checked into a Marriott Residence Inn in Norcross, GA, placed a plastic bag over his head and ingested helium that he pumped into the bag from a tank, the result being that he died from asphyxiation. Police won’t say if he left a note. The Herald-Times is reporting that police found a suicide note at the scene along with other personal belongings.

    Samoline has been a Colonel in the Reserve since 2005 and earned several rewards while serving throughout his military career.

    Attorneys representing Samoline released a statement yesterday afternoon,

    “The death of Mark Samoline is a tragedy for everyone involved, but, the rush to judgment by the justice system, UPS, the media and the Internet community was more than he could take, even though he strongly and consistently maintained his innocence. While the Constitution provides that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty, this is a tragic example of how today’s society rushes to judgment, without waiting to hear the whole story.”

    Considering that there was very little media coverage of this story anywhere but the Herald Times Online prior to Samoline’s death I find blaming his death on the media a bit hard to swallow. About the only reports you could find anywhere were little more than a paragraph explaining the arrest and the fact that he said it was consensual and gave a DNA sample to make sure he didn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases that might be passed on to the woman.

    His attorneys do have a point though, in that sometimes the public and media, myself included, do have a tendency to rush to judgment in matters such as this. While I don’t think this was one of those cases it does happen.

    Updated 11/10/09 – I have reopened the comments on this post. I have posted some new rules for commenting her until I can implement a registration system that will actually work. Please feel free to post your opinions and/or anything you know but remember the following rules.

    1. No personal attacks.

    2. Be civil with each other or I will delete your comment.

    3. Any hate/race related comments and I will not only edit your comment to take out the offensive parts but I will also post your email address for all to see along with any links to online profiles that I might be able to find.

    4. I encourage you to post information about any case which you may have knowledge of but please don’t just make stuff up to post it.

    Source | Source | t="_blank">Source | Source | Source | Source

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    18-Year-Old Christopher Blake Wagner of Carrollton, GA is in trouble with the law in the West Georgia town. He was arrested Monday November 2nd and charged with violating the computer or electronic pornography laws as well as the Child Exploitation Act and Unlawful Eavesdropping or Surveillance.

    For the last few months Wagner has allegedly been extorting information from at least one young girl using his Facebook account. What Carrollton Police are saying he would do is to request to be friends using his Facebook account (linked below) and once he did that he would download pictures as well as other information. Then he created another email account and text messaged the girl telling her he was one of her other friends whose cell phone had broken. He ‘proved’ it to her by sending photos that he had already downloaded from her page.

    Once the 13-year-old girl trusted him he started using sexually graphic language and asked her to send him pictures of herself. He then posted the clothed photos to another fake Facebook profile.

    Once the girl sort of figured out what what was going on she told her mother and they went to the real friend who she thought was doing this. When they discovered that the friend had nothing to do with it they called the police.

    Wagner allegedly has other victims of his creepy scam and police are currently trying to identify them.

    In addition to his MySpace and FaceBook he also has several profiles on gaming sites using the same blakewagner09 ID that he uses at FaceBook.

    Blake’s MySpace

    Blake’s FaceBook


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