Valour IT Results as of November 1st – GO Marines!


So if you’ve read the post that’s been sitting on top of my front page for the last week you’ll have seen the big thermometer. Have you read it or know what Valour IT is all about? Basically each year this fundraiser is held to raise money for wounded servicemen and supplies them with voice-activated laptops and other useful equipment. It’s 100% tax deductible as Soldier’s Angels (the nonprofit behind Valour IT) is a 501c nonprofit organization and as such some companies that match funds for tax-deductible donations may also be eligible as well. Contact your employer to see if they participate or not.

The fundraisers are organized each year into four different teams and as such there is quite a bit of good-natured competition going on. The teams are the Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy.

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 279

Right now Marines are leading Army by about $2200 (of course) and a third of the way through the fundraiser we’ve raised slightly over 40% of our goal but unfortunately donations seem to be slowing down so here’s the deal. Anyone that donates at least $100 US and lets me know about it I will edit the post on top with a list of the donations and a link to your website along with the amount if you want it listed and will leave it there for another 30 days giving you a months free advertisement (although you may or may not want the linkage my site sends…)

If you would like to join the Marine team you can head over here and if you want to donate do so here.

The pictures in this post? The one on top is my father. The picture is from his graduation at Parris Island in 1965 during Vietnam. The second one is my lovely wife and our son who graduated from Parris Island in September of 2007. He’s currently a Corporal with the 3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion and based in Twentynine Palms, CA.

…and the last one is my son again along with my father and mother. It was my father’s first time back to the island since he graduated in 1965 which is not surprising since Parris Island doesn’t seem to rank among the fondest memories of most Marines.

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 282

I mentioned in the title that this was about the results so far so I guess I need to at least post those as well.

Marines: $14,286

Army: $12,095

Air Force: $6790

Navy: $5,035


…and now back to our regularly scheduled debauchery.

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  1. I’m donating a percentage of sales – through Veterans’ Day – of my book “Reporting for Doodie: One Grandmother’s Story of Commitment, Frustration and Unwavering Love” to Project Valour-IT which provides voice-activated equipment (such as laptops) to injured soldiers.
    Please spread the word about this very worthwhile cause. The book can be ordered through my website at; visitors can read the first chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab.
    Thanks for your support!

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