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    It’s not often that I have a day at work that’s quite as ugly as yesterday was. Most days it’s just the same old thing at work. Nothing particularly exciting happens and that’s quite a good thing.

    Yesterday was a bit different though. Not in the “exciting” department, but damn sure not boring.

    I have worked very hard over the last few years to learn to be nice to people at work and not to snap at them when they are doing something I consider wrong. While they do need to “do right” nobody deserves to work with an asshole and that’s exactly what I used to be at work.

    It took every ounce of energy yesterday not to tell the person I was working with on the grill to just fucking leave if they couldn’t step up the pace a bit. It’s fucking embarrassing to not be able to get folks taken care of in a timely manner, particularly when I live here in town and have to see those same customers day in and day out.

    I have to work with the same woman this morning and hopefully today will go at least a little bit smoother than yesterday did.

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    Not that I post regularly enough for anyone to actually come here and comment but as I am tired of all the fucking spam that Movabletype lets through, even using Sixaparts spam plugin, I have changed the commenting system.

    I have been using Disqus over at my crime blog for about nine months now and it has done a great job for me. It allows for you to continue and comment anonymously or you can sign up there and upload your avatar. You can also use your Facebook or twitter account for verification and it will use whatever avatar you have set up there.

    Disqus also allows for comment posting without having to refresh the page, which is something I’ve been wanting for a while anyway.

    I did make a few other changes which knocked out my sidebar links and stuff. I’ll get that stuff back on shortly.

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