Rough Day

It’s not often that I have a day at work that’s quite as ugly as yesterday was. Most days it’s just the same old thing at work. Nothing particularly exciting happens and that’s quite a good thing.

Yesterday was a bit different though. Not in the “exciting” department, but damn sure not boring.

I have worked very hard over the last few years to learn to be nice to people at work and not to snap at them when they are doing something I consider wrong. While they do need to “do right” nobody deserves to work with an asshole and that’s exactly what I used to be at work.

It took every ounce of energy yesterday not to tell the person I was working with on the grill to just fucking leave if they couldn’t step up the pace a bit. It’s fucking embarrassing to not be able to get folks taken care of in a timely manner, particularly when I live here in town and have to see those same customers day in and day out.

I have to work with the same woman this morning and hopefully today will go at least a little bit smoother than yesterday did.

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