• Re: Updated – Crime Blogger Sued For Posting About Rape
    “I would as well. I’ll be more than happy to put it online for you.”

    Re: Bill Plowman Convicted
    “My thoughts exactly.”

  • BBSing 29.11.2012 No Comments

    Ok, so as I ended up sticking with the Synchronet setup due to the fact network and internet integration is so much better/easier to set up than using EleBBS. It does have a greater learning curve as far as configuring and modding so for a while the menus will probably look entirely fucked up as I make changes.

    I’ve added several new door games and a bunch of message areas. I still intend on linking the games so that we can play interBBS games as well.

    As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to shoot me an email/netmail, note to sysop or leave a message in one of the local bases.

    Don’t forget, you can access the BBS from my website here without any type of special client.

  • Blogging 24.11.2012 No Comments

    If you are looking for the crime stories they are here, at Sickcrimes.US

  • BBSing 24.11.2012 No Comments

    This article was originally written by Nick in 2009 and in keeping with what I wanted to do in archiving all of these difficult to find how-to’s I figured I would post it here. If you find it helpful please go visit him and let him know!

    Setting up Renegade with

    NetFoss for Telnet under


    Posted on May 20, 2009 by Nick

    Back in the day I ran a BBS using Renegade BBS software.  I’ve been trying over time to  get this running again.  There are quite a few updated BBSs out there that support Linux and telnet services out of the box; however, I want to get my original BBS running again.  I also have a soft spot for Renegade.

    After numerous attempts using dosemu under Linux, WINE, VMware running FreeDOS and implementing my own virtual modem service written in Perl but I just couldn’t get things working right.  As it turns out there’s this nifty set of programs that are part of NetFoss.  NetFoss itself is a fossil driver (communication driver talks between BBS software and modem) but also includes a complete telnet server as well for handling telnet communication with the BBS.  However, this is designed for Windows XP.  So I decided to throw a quick XP install in to a VM and fire this all up.

    Read more …

  • BBSing 23.11.2012 No Comments

    Originally I wasn’t going to have any file areas. I changed my mind and while I don’t have the menu complete I have started adding file areas.

    I also put in a couple more local doors now we are up to LORD, Usurper, Falcon’s Eye, BRE, Global Wars and Darkness. I intend on going interBBS eventually and will also add on a few more games as well.

    You can access the BBS-Scene IRC server from the eXternal menu now.

    A few more Fidonet echoes have become available and I will also be adding on more networks as time permits. If you don’t feel like messaging online I have installed the Bluewave QWK download door.

    As always, if you have any problems or something isn’t working right feel free to contact me here. Leaving me a message on the board is OK but email is much faster and I will get it wherever I am.

    I will have a couple more tutorials to post soon as well, of course specific to my system.

  • Re: EleBBS and FidoNet
    “That’s true. I’ve often wondered why Fido doesn’t have a zone for that area of the world as well. The more I’ve been looking the more boards I’ve been coming across as well. Still nowhere close to the amount back in the early to mid nineties but quite a few more than I though initially.”

  • BBSing 18.11.2012 10 Comments

    So I finally managed to get EleBBS working together with Fastecho and Radius! Very happy about it. Synchronet seems pretty cool and I’ll continue playing with it in a VM but my “production” board will continue to be ELE. I will eventually post my setup for anyone who is interested. Not that there are more than a handful of BBSes left but still…

    I’ve also gotten a Fido node number. If you need to reach me that way you can send netmail to 1:3634/24. It’s up 24/7 and accepts crash.

  • Re: Shadowscope BBS
    “I’ve updated the system. I was having issues getting networked using EleBBS so I have switched to Synchronet. Dovenet is currently on the system and Fidonet echoes are soon to follow. Unfortunately the extra configuration I had done is no longer and I’ll have to get to it here pretty soon. LORD is still online under [O]nline system and I will have Usurper back up and running soon.”

  • After doing a lot of hunting I finally came across this guide and am putting it here for posterity. I did switch from Argus to Radius (an Argus Clone) and went through this guide exactly as spelled out and it’s working perfectly. Waiting now for a message back from the NC with a node number. The original guide can be found here

    Updated 12/29/12 – I have also updated the bottom of the post a couple of items if you are in a multi-network situation.


    Synchronet Setup For FidoNet

    (Windows XP)



    By Dantin Hart of Rat’s Nest BBS 9/22/05
    Updated by Lord Time of Time Warp of the Future BBS 12/15/08 (on the links and e-mail)

    Also Updated by Richard Miles of Shadowscope on 11/14/12

    Okay heres the deal, you need to download 2 files required to get your Synchronet
    BBS running with FidoNet and they can be obtained through your Hub’s Coordinator,

    File names are BACKBONE and nodelist. As was explained to me by Rob Swindel the

    author of Synchronet BBS. BACKBONE.NA is the North American BACKBONE FILE.

    Make sure to contact your coordinator for the appropriate File Extension and or File.

    Also you may talk to your coordinator about getting the current nodelist.%%% <- extension

    is a number which changes with every release.

    Read more …

  • BBSing, How to 14.11.2012 No Comments

    The directions over at the SBBS wiki didn’t seem to work for me so I did some hunting and found the following instructions which allowed it to work using Netfoss:

    Synchronet BBS 3.1x USAGE

    Synchronet already has its own FOSSIL support, but using NetFoss in place
    of the internal FOSSIL can allow DOS doors to run considerably faster,
    often by a factor of 2 or more times faster then the internal speed, with
    lower CPU usage. You can use NetFoss to run all or just some or all of
    your door programs, and run others using the internal FOSSIL.

    Synchronet can create a DOOR32.SYS file, but we do not suggest running
    NetFoss in DOOR32.SYS mode because Synchronet is unable to create both a
    DOOR32.SYS and a standard drop file at the same time. For this reason the
    DOOR32.SYS mode should not be used at the time this guide was written.

    Here is how to configure the “Legend Of The Red Dragon” door in Synchronet
    3.10j using the Non-DOOR32.SYS mode:

    Name LORD
    Internal Code LORD
    Start-up Directory C:\SBBS\XTRN\LORD
    Command Line c:\sbbs\nf.bat /N%# /H%H start.bat %#
    Clean-up Command Line
    Execution Cost None
    Access Requirements
    Execution Requirements
    Multiple Concurrent Users Yes
    Intercept Standard I/O No
    Native (32-bit) Executable Yes
    Use Shell to Execute No
    Modify User Data No
    Execute on Event No
    Pause After Execution No
    BBS Drop File Type GAP DOOR.SYS
    Place Drop File In Node Directory
    Time Options…

    Notice that the Native (32-Bit) Executable option is enabled. This needs
    to be turned on in order for Synchronet to not enable its own internal
    FOSSIL driver. REPEAT – even though you are not using DOOR32.SYS as your
    dropfile, Native (32-Bit) Executable must be enabled. Additionally, make
    sure to change the command line to reflect the directory that you
    installed NetFoss and the Start-up directory should either reflect where
    your door is located if you don’t use a batch file to start the door, or
    could have the startup directory point to your current node directory
    where the dropfiles are created. (If you do the later, you should launch
    the door with a batch file that first uses the CD\ command to Change the
    Directory to where the door is located.

    When using the Non-DOOR32.SYS mode, you must edit your NF.BAT file to add
    the ” %1″ at the end of the second line, as explained earlier in this
    document. Instructions can also be found in the NF.BAT.

    Make sure to change the Command line in NF.BAT to reflect the directory
    that you installed NetFoss in, and the Start-up directory should reflect
    where your door is installed.

    In the LORD door example above, the start.bat is the batch file located
    in the Start-up Directory which actually runs this door game.

  • This Post Was Suggested By Greta

    Cpl. George Smith
    Cpl. George Smith
    90 years old from Sundance, New Mexico
    June 15, 1922 – October 31, 2012
    U.S. Marines
    There aren’t many Code Talkers left so it’s a true tragedy when we lose one. George Smith joined the United States Marines when he was 17, after lying about his age, becoming one of three brothers in his family to do so. He was trained as a rifleman then as a Code Talker serving in a Pacific. He was honorably discharged in 1946.

    You can read more on George Smith here

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.
    Those Who Say That We’re In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don’t Know Where To Look

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  • BBSing, How to 14.11.2012 No Comments

    I mentioned yesterday that I needed a bit of help setting some things up. I still do but as I’ve searched I’ve found a wealth of information out there. Unfortunately there seems to be less and less as time goes by so I am going to try and repost some of it here and save for posterity. This site’s been up for almost 13 years now and I don’t plan on taking it down any time soon.  I’ve come across this tutorial in several places but I think it needs to be updated and also kept with setups for other stuff as well.

    Graphical Setup Tutorial for Argus

    by David Moufarrege HTML version of this document and low.res. images are made by Max Masyutin
    Original version of this document is available in http://www.filegate.net/ipfn/i-util/ATUTHLP.ZIP


    Modified slightly to remove dead links by Janis Kracht 03/17/03

    Further modified by Richard Miles 11/14/2012 – I’ve hosted all of the images on my system here and linked to them rather than the original site. Argus is no longer supported or updated but most of the information below is still valid.

    Read more …

  • BBSing 13.11.2012 No Comments

    So as I mentioned in an earlier post, the BBS is back online. You can access it through the links above and to the right OR via telnet at rmiles.myhomeseer.com

    I am in the process of trying to get netmail back up and running in addition to echomail but seem to be having problems. Right now I’ve got EleBBS and Fastecho setup and can use either Radius or Argus as the mailer. I need someone who can help me troubleshoot.

    From the board I can write a netmail (although EleBBS won’t let me access the nodelist for some reason). Exit the BBS and I run FASTECHO SCAN. It detects the netmail and pulls out a ?.msg leaving it in the EleBBS message base directory. FASTECHO PACK seems to do nothing.

    It’s been 16 years or more since I had a BBS/Mailer/Tosser up and running and back then I used Renegade/Gecho/FrontDoor and ended up going to Proboard/Fastecho/Allfix/Maindoor. I have no frigging idea how I had it set up and don’t think I have access to the files anymore so that I could look at my config.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • BBSing 11.11.2012 No Comments

    I mentioned last week that I was going to put my Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS) back online and I have done so. BBSes are old school, how we connected to each other BEFORE the web. Back in the day I ran a dial in system but today it’s telnet only. There are TWO ways you can get to the board to check it out. There are links to it on top of the page as well as over to the right. You can get to it there using a flash applet. The other way, if you are familiar with telnet is to get to it at telnet://rmiles.myhomeseer.com Port:23

    I’ve still got a bunch of work to do on it but here are the details.

    WinXP running in a virtual machine.
    5-Nodes running EleBBS v0.09.g1 under Telsrv. If need be I may add nodes later. If it looks like something I will permanently keep on line I’ll also build a dedicated server for it.

    No nets yet, a couple of local message bases. I will correct that very soon.
    Two games for now, LORD and Usurper. I may add Falcon’s Eye later and will certainly take requests but I have found that it’s a lot more fun only hosting one or two games than having 100 of them with one person on each.

    I will also NOT have any file areas. I may put some of the old BBS files back online via ftp but if so I will also be putting ads on there ti recoup the cost I will incur from the bandwidth. The BBS is hosted from my home but the webserver is NOT and I have to pay if I go over my bandwidth quota. As a matter of fact even though I hate them I may go ahead and add one to the top of the BBS page as well.

    It’s been about 15 years since I had a board up and running so I’m a bit rusty. If something’s not working correctly, PLEASE let me know and I’ll get it fixed.

  • Re: Bill Plowman Convicted
    “Unconstitutional? WTF?

    Perhaps if he had kept his dick in his pants he wouldn’t be miserable.”

    Re: Dustin Roberts Punched the Baby’s Penis
    “It sucks that he killed himself and I’m sorry for your loss.”

  • Newton High School Coach Arrested And Fired For Sexting

    Newton High School Coach Arrested And Fired For Sexting

  • No Charges For Boxer’s Wife

    No Charges For Boxer’s Wife

  • SSgt. Hiroshi H. Miyamura
    SSgt. Hiroshi H. Miyamura
    87 years old from Gallup, New Mexico
    Company H, 7th Infantry Regiment, 442nd Infantry Regiment
    U.S. Army
    From then Cpl. Miyamura’s Medal Of Honor citation:

    Cpl. Miyamura, a member of Company H, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy. On the night of 24 April, Company H was occupying a defensive position when the enemy fanatically attacked threatening to overrun the position. Cpl. Miyamura, a machinegun squad leader, aware of the imminent danger to his men unhesitatingly jumped from his shelter wielding his bayonet in close hand-to-hand combat killing approximately 10 of the enemy. Returning to his position, he administered first aid to the wounded and directed their evacuation. As another savage assault hit the line, he manned his machinegun and delivered withering fire until his ammunition was expended. He ordered the squad to withdraw while he stayed behind to render the gun inoperative. He then bayoneted his way through infiltrated enemy soldiers to a second gun emplacement and assisted in its operation. When the intensity of the attack necessitated the withdrawal of the company Cpl. Miyamura ordered his men to fall back while he remained to cover their movement. He killed more than 50 of the enemy before his ammunition was depleted and he was severely wounded. He maintained his magnificent stand despite his painful wounds, continuing to repel the attack until his position was overrun. When last seen he was fighting ferociously against an overwhelming number of enemy soldiers. Cpl. Miyamura’s indomitable heroism and consummate devotion to duty reflect the utmost glory on himself and uphold the illustrious traditions on the military service.

    After his actions that day, Cpl. Miyamura was taken prisoner by the Chinese.

    You can read more on SSgt. Miyamura here and here

    These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.
    Those Who Say That We’re In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don’t Know Where To Look

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  • This Ain’t No Crime Post

    This Ain’t No Crime Post

    Houston Grandma Let The Dog Chew Off The Baby’s Face

    Houston Grandma Let The Dog Chew Off The Baby’s Face

  • Re: Angela Deville Let The Flies Babysit
    “In my not so important opinion the best thing you could do if you really have changed is to just keep doing exactly that and improve your life. Yeah, I (and other sites) post potentially embarrassing stuff like this online and you should be embarrassed. I will say that I do believe people can change and I truly hope you have, at the very least for the sake of your child.”

  • APD Seeking Help In Case Of Missing Woman

    APD Seeking Help In Case Of Missing Woman

    Washington Man Arrested After Pouring Gasoline On His Girlfriend And Her Kids

    Washington Man Arrested After Pouring Gasoline On His Girlfriend And Her Kids

    Florida Sex Offender Removes Ankle Bracelet And Disappearss

    Florida Sex Offender Removes Ankle Bracelet And Disappearss

    Michigan Pastor Charged With Killing Fiance’s Daughter

    Michigan Pastor Charged With Killing Fiance’s Daughter

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