New Additions to the BBS

Originally I wasn’t going to have any file areas. I changed my mind and while I don’t have the menu complete I have started adding file areas.

I also put in a couple more local doors now we are up to LORD, Usurper, Falcon’s Eye, BRE, Global Wars and Darkness. I intend on going interBBS eventually and will also add on a few more games as well.

You can access the BBS-Scene IRC server from the eXternal menu now.

A few more Fidonet echoes have become available and I will also be adding on more networks as time permits. If you don’t feel like messaging online I have installed the Bluewave QWK download door.

As always, if you have any problems or something isn’t working right feel free to contact me here. Leaving me a message on the board is OK but email is much faster and I will get it wherever I am.

I will have a couple more tutorials to post soon as well, of course specific to my system.

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