BBS Update…

So I’ve added a few more games and things to do on the BBS foryou to check out. I also managed to get Ftelnet working as well. Using that page (above) as my default log in now just because it’s much easier for this old man to see . Anyway, I am about 60% of the way through configuring everything the way I want. I still have a few menus to add and then it will be time to change most of the default strings. I’ve posted a few pics below of what it’s looking like now.


shadow2 shadow3 shadow4 shadow5 shadow6 shadow7

If you run into any weird shit or bugs please let me know. Some of the items on the menu (such as voting) have not been added yet but will be shortly.

Oh, by the way…I am damn sure not an artists and all of the ansi screens are done by folks other than myself. I’m ok at editing and adding menus but that’s about it. On screens where there are credits/sigs I have left those intact. If there is not on on the screen then I have no idea who to give credit to but will be more than happy to if you know who did the art.

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