I’ll slowly be adding links to this page as I add stuff.

Graphical Tutorial to Set Up Argus

How to set up LORD with SBBS using Netfoss

How to Set Up Synchronet for Fidonet using Radius as the mailer.

How to Set Up Renegade BBS With Netfoss and WinXP

Synchronet, DOSEMU, Doors and Linux How-To

How to set up Lunatic and Synchronet using Netfoss

How to add custom message headers to Synchronet

How-to set up Tribbs to get Fidonet

How-to Set up EleBBS under Linux

How to replace the message reading prompt in SBBS

Change the Default User Setting Screen in SBBS

 How to block Hackers on Synchronet

Mystic Guy over at YouTube has some really awesome how-to videos for Mystic BBS