Skinning News

Has anyone been spending any time over at I have been checking it out since it was opened, and there are a few themes there now (litestep and icesphere so far), but for some reason I fnd the navigation pretty sucky. Not sure why. I think it is the fact that I am comparing it to all of the sites. Guess I should send em an email or something. If I wanna download a theme, especially a new one, I should only be one click away from the main page, not three or four. Just my damn pickiness I guess. At least the speed is much faster than some (like mine 🙂

If you know of a free news server where I could pick up the litestep newsgroups, please email me.

Infidel has updated his LS loadmodule, LSMousePos with some fixes, including smaller fonts. He doesn’t have a web page up yet, but you can download it here.

I may have a couple of hours of downtime at some point this week. When I pulled my site from geocities and put it on my own server, I went to win2k so that I could still have my games, etc.., but I am getting a few hits now, and really need to put it on a dedicated server. I still have to finish putting it together, but I will be moving the entire site to a linux box that will strictly handle my web/ftp site, along with my firewall for the rest of the net. It may still be a few days though, as I don’t have as much experience with IP Masquerading as I do with routing through my NT box.

Virtual Plastic has been updated with some new links. If you haven’t checked this site out yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

Madde a quick run-through over at and noticed a post concerning a new skinmaker for Sonique (called Sonique Skinmaker X), available here.

Looks like has been down since yesterday. Unfortunately a whole slew of LS sites are hosted there. I haven’t heard a peep out of anyone about why or when it will be back up, but will try to find out and keep you posted.