11-28 News

WOW, lot’s of stuff today. I worked most of the day, so I missed a lot of stuff in my email this morning.

Head on over to elebbs.com if you are into the BBS scene. There has been a new public release of EleBBS 0.06.g1, as well as beta releases of EleWEB, the web interface for elebbs, and a beta release of EleBBS linux. If you are interested in beta testing any of the private releases, send the author an email from his site and let him know. EleBBS for Linux should be fairly stable now and worth it to check out. You can also visit one of the mirror sites at pcmicro.com.
EleBBS is a RemoteAccess compatible BBS program. Basically that means that most of the utils useable with RA (also still being developed) will work with EleBBS.

There are two new mailing lists having to do with the shell replacement for Windows. Get some more info at darkstep.com.

litestep.net appears to be back online. Since it is hosted on the same server as FPN and Tin Toys, I have to assume that they are both back up as well. Once I visit, I will let you know if they are not. Yep, they are up, not much in the way of news yet though.

Liteshell now has a discussion/wwwboard up for discussion of, what else?, Liteshell. You can visit it here.

Verona Desktop Enhancer 0.4 has been released with a whole bunch pf updates. If you don’t know what VDE is you can get more info and download from vde.pair.com

Found this little tidbit over at skinz.org:
The website of Stardocks’ WindowBlinds, a popular windows changer program, now accepts direct uploads of WindowBlinds skins. To submit your skins visit their new upload area and follow the instructions. This will allow you to have your skin posted on the WindowBlinds homepage, but don’t forget to post them here too for all the skinz.org viewers!

New email address if you want to send comments to me concerning the site, or any relevant news. dethnite@darkstep.com