News from Boortz

Just some tidbits I picked up over at If you haven’t been there for his daily news. check it out. A libertarian after my own heart:
George Bush has now approved the resumption of a program to shoot down civilian aircraft suspected of being involved in the drug trade. Mind you, there need to be no proof that the civilian aircraft was actually involved in drugs … just a suspicion. No trial, no jury. You do remember that a fighter jet attacked a Cessna in Peru a few years back. A Baptist missionary and her infant daughter died. All for this ridiculous war on drugs.
You’ve read that thousands of old folks are succumbing to the heat in France . Why? Because they don’t have air conditioning, that’s why. And why don’t they have air conditioning? Because electricity is so expensive in that “advanced” nation that most people simply cannot afford it. Oh, by the way … you can blame government regulation and taxes for the high electricity prices.

Just a couple of nice thoughts to get your day going (now that it is most of the way over).