The moron speaks

John Kerry said, “If I am President, I will rollback the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans so we can invest in education, health care, and the skills of our workers. But I want to give the middle class a tax cut, not a tax increase. Too many middle class people are getting pummeled everywhere they turn – more bills to pay, a higher cost of living.
What a crock of shit. I AM the middle class, and the tax breaks I have seen from the Bush administration have been wonderful. Bush and his ilk could all use a bit of help getting back to the smaller government mantra that they used to preach, but his economic policy has been pretty good so far. Kerry wanting to “invest” in education and health care means that he might give you a tax break, but thats because they will actually go up in order to pay for his version of education, and health care. What the hell kind of break is that?