The Truth IS out there

   Why is it that most of the sites that I come across are either Republicans lambasting the Democrats for being weasly liars that lean toward socialism, OR Democrats complaining about how the Republicans, particularly Bush, are totalitarians who are going to bankrupt the country. Blah blah blah. There is a touch of truth to all of them though, from what I have seen.
   Of course, there is also a great bit of expounding on untruths as well. I find this particularly distasteful, particularly since most of these fucking geeks couldn’t bear to be parted from there computer world long enough to go out and vote. There was a Newsweek Poll last week that reported that 51% of Americans approve of the job that Bush is doing, 42% disaprove, and 7% don’t know. Since only approximately 33% of the American public can bring it upon themselves to do their constituional duty and vote, it doesn’t matter what the other 67% fucking think. You want to approve or disaprove of something the government is doing, vote or shut the hell up.
   I would probably be in the category of “don’t know” simply because there are certain things that he has done and is doing that I like, and some that I do not. I did not vote for Bush, nor did I vote for Gore. Normally I try to vote Libertarian unless it is just some whacko that I cannot stomach. That having been said, I am damn glad that Bush was at the helm when 9/11 went down. I do not think that any of the other candidates would have handled it quite so well. Now that we are past that, and we ARE past it, I find myself starting to disagree wholeheartedly with the administration. Instead of hunkering down and fixing our security problems, such as our borders, air travel, and ship travel, we are slowly letting our rights be taken away by such idiotic acts as Patriot I and II.
   Now that it looks (at least currently) like Bush is starting to lose support, Hitlary seems to be toying with the idea of running for President now, instead of 2008, which is when most people expect her to run. This would be disastrous for our country. Bill Clinton has made the statement that he is sure that the people of New York would forgive her if she decided to run for President, just as the people of Arkansas forgave him. Why would he say such a thing unless she were seriously considering it?
   Anyhow, this started out as a discourse against other blogs. I do enjoy reading quite a few of them, even if they are ill-informed, ot just plain wrong, but think it is time that people started really looking into just what the truth is, and trying to find it, instead of just believing everything that they read or see on CNN or FOX.