Now this is scary

Came across this list of comments over at Neil Boortz site. We are educating a generation of fricking socialists and morons. Very scary that people actually think this way:
“About the Iraq war, it is the UN’s decision, they should be the police of the world, so to speak. The UN should be the decision maker, Not a country who may have other things on their agenda. If America can ignore the UN, what is the point of it?”
“No, I don’t think I would work this modern day….there’s too much greed in this world. Here’s my idea: Take a country, make it communist, but don’t do the dictator thing. Then you have a perfect country, as long as there is a council of 20 or so to oversee the country.”
“Ok… I hate Bush but he’s not Hitler. He’s horrible, and responsible for the deaths of thousands, but he’s just not as smart as Hitler.”
And this comment about an18 year old homeless male who has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for selling marijuana. “Now I don’t think this is right but I want to point out he was homeless and that the government has a responsibility to him.”
“Everybody ought to have an equal amount of stuff.”