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Are you tired of hearing me talk about the war on the individual yet? Hopefully not. This is a war against you, your self worth, your individual identity, and your status in society as a sovereign entity entitled to rights and protection under our laws.
“Diversity” is the current buzz word on college campuses and corporate boardrooms. The diversity movement is an anti-individualist enterprise. It categorizes people by their group identity, not by their individual traits such as character, achievement, ability and ambition.
Next month the University of Florida is going to hold something called “People Awareness Week.” Well, that’s good, isn’t it? At last we have some college campus out there that is going to celebrate the person … the individual. That’s what “people awareness” is, isn’t it?
Nope. Sorry. The student newspaper tells us that “The goal of People Awareness Week is to encourage members of the UF
community to gain a lifelong dedication to learning about diversity. … encouraging acceptance, respect and appreciation of diversity in relation to race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status and religious affiliation.”
Well isn’t that special. Not one word about individual achievement, character, competence, compassion, humanity or ambition. No. You can’t do that! Your “awareness” of other people must be based on some trait that is common to a group, not particular to an individual. Who cares what they think? Who cares what they have accomplished or what they want to do with their individual lives? All that counts is their group identity. What color are they? Do they sleep with their own sex, or do they practice heterosexuality? What socioeconomic class do they come from? What or who do they worship? What color are they?
At the University of Florida they seem to want to compel acceptance, whatever that is, on the basis of group identity. What’s wrong with acceptance based on who you are as an individual?
The war against individuality began well over 100 years ago when two men who had never held a real job in their entire lives wrote a little manifesto … back around 1848. The war picked up a bit of steam when Lenin said “All our lives we fought against exalting the individual.” Still more steam when Krushchev said “Comrades, We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all.” The war is now moving ahead full steam. Hillary Clinton is telling us that “we must stop thinking of the individual.” Ted Kennedy is praising the “war against individualism.” A local Atlanta politician tells us that “individualism is a sin.” And diversity movements thrive virtually everywhere you look.
Just remember this. Every time you hear someone promote the diversity idea that person is telling you that individual traits and characteristics don’t count. We are being conditioned to regard people only in terms of their group identity. If we don’t start fighting back as individuals we may soon find all vestiges of our individual identities gone … including those pesky little individual rights that were supposed to be protected by our government. You know, things like property rights.
The war started by Marx and Engels over 150 years ago advances … and is picking up steam.