Boy, 15, Struck crossing street

VALENCIA — A teenage boy was seriously injured Monday when a motorist apparently ran a red light and hit him in a Lyons Avenue crosswalk, sheriff’s deputies and a witness said.
The 15-year-old was thrown about 85 feet just in front of Old Orchard Park, Deputy Roy Henstrand said. His injuries, though, did not appear to be life-threatening, sheriff’s officials said.
Witnesses said the motorist, an unnamed 72-year-old Saugus man, was heading west on Lyons at about 2:15 p.m. and drove straight through the red light at Peachland Avenue as the teen stepped about five feet into the crosswalk, Henstrand said.
The driver told investigators he had taken his eye off the road when a motorist next to him began changing lanes, Deputy Michael Perry said.

   Apparently the gentleman who hit him was NOT cited, pending further investigation. What gets me here is not the fact that he is old and hit someone, but that he was not arrested. I am not for any kind of different treatment for the elderly, but when they fuck up and hurt or kill someone, they should be treated as everyone else.
   This is going to lead to new rounds of debate of what to do with older drivers and the way they are treated. They should be treated no better or worse than anyone else with a drivers license. Perhaps tougher driver test for EVERYONE should be the ticket. Perhaps a very large fee (around $200-$300) would be the ticket.