More Same-Sex Couples Marry in San Francisco

Hundreds more gay couples got married in San Francisco yesterday, basically in order to protest the marriage amendment that is being proposed. Apparently there have been over 900 same sex marriages in the city since Thursday.
I have two views on this stuff, which I have to try and keep seperate, but of course that is difficult. I find the though of being gay very distasteful and just don’t see how looking at some other guys hairy ass could be even remotelyt attractive. That having been said, (my other view) the government (federal or state) has no fucking right to interfere in peoples personal business or telling us who can and cannot be “partners” or legally married. This issue has nothing to do with the defense of our country, upkeep of our roads and highways, or our common welfare.
Gays in general are just trying to get to the end of the day like the rest of us. They are no different than anyone else in that most of them go to work every day, pay taxes, and live out fruitful lives. Segregating them because of their sexual orientation is illegal, and discriminating against them because of their sex has already been shown to be illegal by the Supreme Court.
My Grandmother and Great-Aunt (not gay), have lived together for many years, since my Great-Grandmother passed away, and before. For all intents and purposes, they are life partners, as my wife and myself. The only differences are the legal distinctions, and the fact that they have seperate insurance, seperate retirement plans, etc. When I die, my wife and children may get my social security benefits (at least as long as the piece of shit plan is around), but if my Great-Aunt dies, my grandmother is left with no benfits, but will be required to PAY for everything anyway.
Taken one step farther, the same thing goes for same-sex couples that happen to have sex with each other, as this is the only difference between gay couples and same-sex roommates, and other forms of life partners.
Disclaimer – Just woke up a little while ago, so some of what I said may or may not make sense. If it does not, go back to bed, and when you get up, immediately read it.