Lazy Day

Spent most of the day fooling around. I flushed everyting on my son’s hard drive and did a reinstall of the OS, spent some time messing around with SMS and WAP trying to get my sell phone to access my HA server. Slept till 10am, that was nice. Had to get my brakes fixed. They were so bad had to get the front rotors replaced. Quick $289 spent on that. Got an oil change as well, probably going out of town on my vacation next week.
I signed up for mobile web on my cell phone, but the damn thing won’t let me access it. Pissed off about that. I am able to send an receive sms messages, but that is it. For a short time I was able to access the web. Got to my main page, as well as the blog but can’t get to the damn HA server, which is really all I want to access from it. Possibly because it is on a different port than 80. I also want to be able to post to the blog from my cell, but will wait to tackle that one until my next two days off, possibly my vacation.

Voted today, but not in either primary. Fuck them. The only other thing on the ballot is Georgia’s current flag referendum. The old flag is not on it, just the one from 2000 (or 2001), and the one that the general assembly picked last year. I voted for it because it seems like the least time-consuming and financial. It’s already all over the place, why keep fucking with something that wasn’t broke to begin with.