Call Cell Phone Stuff

I upgraded my cellphone a few weeks ago to an LG VX6000. Very cool. I am testing out some stuff with it currently. Got a USB cable and loaded the drivers. I can somewhat sync stuff from Outlook now, as well as create my own rings using actual mp3’s. The quality isn’t half bad. Will have to keep messing with it, but this is pretty fun.
I am trying to get my wap pages working so that I can access my HA stuff over my phone, but apparently Verizon blocks all ports except for 80, which sucks, as I run this server on 80. I have tried a shitload of other ports, and the only other one that might be accessible is 443, but I cannot seem to diable SSL in IIS under Windows XP. Will have to keep looking for the solution. I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get it to work.