Another Day

Vacation is starting to get boring. I’m broke as fuck, can’t go anywhere, starting to go stir crazy. Have a bunch of stuff to do over the next few days thoug. Have to go back on Thursday. I need to do some yard work, and want to move my furniture around. This is basically how the last vacation went. Ready to get the fuck back to work.
It has been nice to be at home with the kids though (at least the two that I get to see for more than two minutes at a time). Read a couple of books, which is something I don’t get to do very often. I have also ripped around 50 cassettes the last couple of days. Barely made a dent though unfortunately. Luckily I have about 160 gigs of free space for them. hehe.
Just beat the god damn dog for chewing up a pair of panties. I think everyone is ready for me to get rid of the puppy. I just brought it home because they said it would be nice for Riley to have company. I’ve been ready to toss both of them out of my car at about 70mph for awhile. I hate having pets. Cats are ok, I grew up with them, but then you have to clean the damn litter box all of the time, or they are shitting on your clothes and plants and stuff. The puppy already chewed through some of my wiring. If it does it again, I may kill it if the electricity doesn’t first.