Music Stuff

Still working on converting my cassettes to MP3 & WMA. I think I am over halfway through with my cassettes, completely finished with my CDs. May be able to start with my LP collection soon. I may need to break out the Bestbuy card for that, my turntable is ok (it’s the old Soundesign with the built-in 8-track and cassette player that I am using for my cassettes) but not really that good. I can pick up a good new one for less than a hundred bucks. Would be nice if I can find one with a digital output I can hook into my soundblaster.
Damn, just did some checking. Analog Turntables are around $99-149, but if I want one with digital output it’s gonna run me $299. Maybe I can hook up with a little bit of PC sidework yo pay for it. Haven’t done any side jobs lately.