Free speech getting fried.

Came across this little story at
But then again neither is John Kerry.
President Bush has enlisted the services of Arizona’s Saintly Senator John McCain to “go after” the so-called 527 groups, that is the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth,, etc. The President wants to shut them down. That’s right, he wants to take away their (and by extension, your) right to free speech. Welcome to The United States of America in 2004.
Question: Would the White House please issue a statement telling us just which constitution he promised to preserve and protect when he took the oath of office? Evidently it wasn’t ours. Ours, after all, says something about free speech.
George Bush wants to make it illegal for you to pool your resources with some other folks who share your views and express those views through the media. Think about this. You join a group promoting tax reform. One of the presidential candidates supports your cause, the other does not. You want to run ads promoting your tax reform idea and encouraging voters to support your cause by supporting your candidate. This is the very essence of political free speech … and both George Bush and John Kerry want to make your actions illegal.
There is no scandal in the 2004 presidential election greater than this … the candidates from both of the major political parties teaming together to deny your freedom to effectively speak out politically. How serious is it? Kerry and Bush approve of placing you in jail if you dare to express your political feelings in a way not approved by them.
If these two enemies of our Constitution succeed then we will be at a point where only candidates and those in control of the media will be allowed to express political viewpoints through the mass media in the months leading up to a presidential election.
The founding fathers are on a spit.

What a crock of shit. If you look at the Attorney General of the United States, and the Department of Homeland Security, this is just the next logical step.