New Orleans Here We Come

Just bought plane tickets and hotel rooms for Stephanie and I towards the end of March. Woot! Arranged for childcare for Anna and Ruth. I will still need to call one of Christopher’s friends (parents) to see if he can stay over for a couple of nights. Stephanie and the girls are out on spring break that week, but Chris is not, so he will have to stay with a schoolmate.

I cannot remember the last time that Stephanie and I did ANYTHING for more than one day without at least one of the children. I am sure that we have, but I don’t remember when. Possibly our anniversary 17 years ago.

Goddamn I am looking forward to this. Going to be too expensive, but fuck it.

Will have to make sure to take my camera. If I can get ahold of a laptop for the weekend I may do some blogging. Otherwise will just have to save everything and post when I get back.