Some fairtax links and stuff (H.R.25)

I am very big on the Fairtax Act. I’ve come across several articles and links this morning that pertain to Tax reform and the Fairtax Act (H.R. 25 and S.25).

St. Petersburg Times.

Washington Times. Not much in this article, it is mainly about Johnny Isakson, a supporter of the act. I voted for him this time around, mainly because he is a backer.

Chicago Sun-Times. Not really abou the Fairtax, but some of the links just show different ideas which all add up to the fact that U.S. Citizens wat tax reform.

Top Ten Reasons to Support the Nonpartisan Fair Tax Legislative Package-HR 25. This is posted at the Conservative Voice. Unfortunately, most of the liberal sites that I visit do not belive in Economic Conservatism, so there are not too many sites that will mention reform, which is really funny, as most Republicans seem to want to increase spending almost as much as liberals, but at least they are willing to discuss reform. Most “Democrats” (yes, I know I am lumping them all together) seem to think the only place we can cut spending is on defense, as ANYTHING else we might cut spending on seems to affect Veterans, Children, Old People, or Education. Can’t cut anything there, and particularly not welfare.

H.R.25. The actual bill itself. A must read whether you hate it or love it. Can’t exactly argue against it effectively if you haven’t even bothered to fucking read it can you now.

H.R.25 Co-Sponsors. As of the first of the year there was one sponsor and 54 co-sponsors. One lone democrat with some sense.

A debate on the bill. Looks like it has been over a month since anyone has posted.

An article that explains in pretty simple terms how it would affect you

John Linder is the sponsor of H.R.25.

FEC complaints against several poeple and organizations that grossly misrepresented the Fairtax Act during the last election.

The FairTax: A Trojan Horse for America? This starts to read as a pretty good article on why NOT to support the act, but once I finished reading it my reactions was that whoever wrote the article was full of conspiracy theories about what “might” happen. At least they read the act, which is more than I can say about 99% of the DNC.

David L. Kendall, a Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

The Fairy Tales that liberals tell”.

Representative Nancy Pelosi and Other Democrats are Out in Left Field.

A bunch of links related to the Fairtax.