Sleeping in

Damn, I don’t belive it. It’s Noon, and I have only been up for about fifteen minutes. Haven’t slept in link this in a long time. It was a pretty long week though. Didn’t leave work until around 11:15 last night, stopped in to Mellow Mushroom and had a couple of beers on the way home. By the time I msde it home I stayed up for probably another hour just winding down before I crashed.
I sort of dimly remember one of my kids waking me up this morning for a minute or two, but other than that I slept like the dead. Have to go to Carrollton soon and get an outfit for my seven year old for some party she is going to tonight, and a hard drive for a PC I am working on for a co-worker. Shit, not enough time for everything today. I had also planned on putting in another flower garden, but that can wait until tommorow.